What do you want to do that you haven't done yet?

Here’s a list of things of I have never done yet, that I would like to do in my lifetime:

(in no particular order)
[li]learn to play a muscial instrument[/li][li]take dancing lessons[/li][li]take singing lessons[/li][li]visit the NYC & Statue of Liberty[/li][li]take a cruise on a ship[/li][li]ride in a plane[/li][li]travel cross country on a train[/li][li]tour London and Paris[/li][li]go skydiving[/li][li]learn how to swim[/li][li]get married[/li][li]publish a novel[/li][/ul]

I suppose the list could go on and on, but those are the things that most prominently came to mind.

Go to Europe.
Go skydiving.
Write a book.
Learn to use Linux.
Get married.
Have kids.

[ul][li]live in a foreign country at least 1 year[/li][li]write a book[/li][li]visit South America or Australia (southern hemosphere)[/li][li]go back to school[/ul][/li]
On your list the only thing I’d like to do that I haven’t is ski dive and I think it is too late for me on that one.

Hope you are working on your list. Paris & London are incredible & wonderful places to visit. I also love NYC. I’d just like to visit more countries, & the wheels are in motion.

I like this :slight_smile:
Eat sushi.
Have children.
Go skydiving.
Go scubadiving.
Go abroad (too many places to list)
Become a singer as a parttime job.
Fly a plane. (and do a couple of barrel rolls)
Maybe go back to university and take a masters degree in a scientific discipline. (not likely to happen)
Watch the sun set from another planet :wink: (I’m not holding my breath)

Travel outside of the USA before I become an old fart & can’t enjoy it any more. I just can’t seem to get the ball rolling. I don’t even have a passport.

I need a push. :frowning:

Not that old farts can’t enjoy travel, but I really really really want to enjoy it.


Drive a race car at Indianapolis and Daytona. The odds of this happening are pretty much nil though. I did get to drive a race car at Ontario Motor Speedway before it was closed down. Fastest I have ever been in a car (175 mph in a 1966 Chevelle).

Go on an ocean cruise.

Go to Hawaii.

Build my own house. Don’t know if I have the patience to do the job right.

Sit in the same room with my son and father. Haven’t seen or talked to either in over 10 years. My dad ripped off me and my siblings when my mother died. All I want is an apology. My son thinks I’m terrible for not supporting his habits after he dropped out of school. Hopefully he has grown up a bit. I am extremely happy with my current life. If they don’t want to be part of it, so be it. I have attempted to contact both but neither replied.

Teach an upper-level Shakespeare course (or better yet, a Shakespeare on film course) with students who actually WANT to be there.

Go on a couple more extended backpacking trips, to southeast Asia and eastern Europe (with a little luck, I should actually be able to pull one of these off within the next year or so).

Go to Israel and Jordan (probably not happening within the next year or so, alas).

Brush up on my Spanish, and learn to speak another language really well – maybe French or Portuguese? (I think I can safely say it will not be Czech.)

Find a legal, permanent way to work in Europe; university-level teaching would be ideal, but as long as the location is right, I’m really flexible.

Raise children.

Do some serious camping / hiking, possibly on the Appalachian Trail.

Own a sailboat (it’s not likely I’ll be able to afford it in my current career, but hey, one can dream).

[li]Play darts in England.[/li][li]Go on a genealogical expedition to Latvia, Ireland, and Northern Europe in general.[/li][li]Get my PhD in history.[/li][li]Get published.[/li][li]Learn Swedish.[/li][li]Work my way up so that I can run a real race…perhaps never a marathon, but I can dream.[/li][li]Apologize to everyone I’ve wronged in my life.[/li][li]See all of Shakespeare’s plays.[/li][li]Volunteer with the elderly.[/li][li]Hike the Appalachain Trail.[/li][li]Learn guitar.[/li][/ul]

Have sex.


God? If it’s at all convenient for you to arrange (I know you are incredibly busy) I’d like to…

Fall in love (with someone who knows I exist!)
Have children
Have grand-children
Have great-grand-children.
See my children/grand-children/great-grand-children develop great intelect/sense of humour/knowledge/love of life (the last on that list being something I used to have but lost, dammit!)
Create a computer game.
Write a book.
Write and direct a film.
Travel round the world on my own.
See earth from space! (maybe that’ll give me my love of life back)
Build a ‘eutopia’ in a Jungle somewhere (with houses in the trees, pulley systems, swings, bridges, everything).
Jump out of a plane.
Play James Bond.
Be happy!
Lastly, Die.

[li]Graduate[/li][li]Graduate[/li][li]Graduate[/li][/ul]And get a damn job!

In no particular order:

Get my black belt in karate (I’m still on yellow and haven’t been to class since August).
Finish law school.
Become a judge.
Become a law professor.
Write that great treatise.
Learn the guitar. (Note to self: call Persephone for instructions.)
Meet jarbabyj.
Attend a colossal Dopefest. (Yes, I KNOW ChiDope was this weekend. I was busy.)
Meet the Pope.
Gain superpowers in a nuclear blast.
Get “the one” and marry her.
Have kids.
Buy a nice house.
Travel to Japan.
Travel to the moon (which will be easier once I get those superpowers).
Finish reading the books my parents keep buying me for Christmas.
Build a working replica of R2D2.
Own a complete set of DC Comics action figures.
Find the Ark of the Covenant.
Solve a Rubik’s Cube.

Overland Melbourne to London with the inevitable island hopping through SE Asia and across the Channel. LOTS of detours.
Timeframe: 2 years.
Weapon of choice: BMW R1150GS.

Can an adventure be anymore epic without leaving Earth?:slight_smile:

Visit Australia
Write the frickin book that I started a couple of years ago then gave up on
Get as many posts as handy
Go camping
Go through a black hole
Learn when to speak up and when to keep my mouth shut :o
Go white-water rafting
Write and publish something

Something like that… maybe more…

Spend lots of time in the Provence region of France, drinking awesome wine and eating heavenly food.

Obviously, not in this order:

Get married.
Have a kid.
Buy a helicopter.
Buy an airplane.
Buy a house.
Visit Prague, Moscow, St. Petersberg, Australia (for some reason I’ve always wanted to visit Coober Pedy), and other places.
Move to Washington state.

In no particular order:

Get married and have a family.
Visit all 50 states. So far I’ve done 10 of them.
Visit Europe.
Visit Egypt.
Visit Israel, after things calm down there. Which could be a while.
Write books. Working on one now.
Get a doctorate in my profession.

Get married and have kids
Have a house that I love
Travel more (I miss Europe so much!)
Graduate, get at least my Masters, and possibly a PhD in Org. Chem.
Have my own pets

But most immediately (which is what I thought this thread was about): I want to move out of this shithole student house into our new apartment, which we don’t get until May 1st. I’m SO impatient! :slight_smile: