What do you women folk think of testicle size?

I just got a spam today that was not about enlarging my breasts, penis, or clitoris, but was instead advertising testicle enlargement. I have heard of this procedure before, they basically just wrap your testes with a specially shaped foam rubber.

What I want to know is if women are at all attracted to testicles? You never really hear about that, it’s always penis, penis, penis with people but what about the balls? Are they a necessary part of the package, or just an extra garnish, that while appreciated, you could just as well do with out? Would any of you be in shock or awe over a guys new billiard ball sized pair? :eek:

I think it’s fair to say that testicles are the body part on people I think about the least. They seem more functional than decorative, so I don’t think there’s a way to make them more appealing. Except maybe for gluing on a pair of googly eyes;that’d at least make them funnier.

Between your reply elfkin477 and the “eek!” smiley in the OP I have this horrible horrible image in my head.

I had the misfortune once of seeing a man with very large testicles. He put on a pair of bikini underwear, and his balls were hanging out sides. Shudder

Huge balls are a bad, bad thing.

Never heard of an operation to make them bigger lol… I guess if they were like the size of grapes you might want them enlarged. Actually, if a guy shaves the pubic area, it makes everything look a little larger - purely a visual trick but it works…

Ahem not that I’d know of course as I’m innocence and sweetness personified :smiley:

Not 100% sure why a guy would want bigger ones though.

AC/DC would be proud.

You know, I’ve never really thought about it. I don’t think it would matter one way or the other. Some people are just weird, I guess.

I would say just about everone is weird.

:smiley: So…does this picture most resemble an elephant, an ant-eater, or a star-nosed mole?

You know what I love about this board? People will ask questions about stuff that I never ever would have thought to think about. After I see the question, I often think, “Now, why have I never wondered about that before?” And it certainly would seem like I would have thought about testicle size at some point, but I guess I haven’t.

Okay, I’ve put some thought into it. :slight_smile:

The testicles are to the penis like the pedestal is to a statue. If the pedestal is the right size and style, you don’t necessarily notice it specifically. You just enjoy it as part of the whole. If the pedestal is too large, too small, the wrong style, or just plain ugly, then it ruins the presentation.

Although I can’t say I’ve ever found myself thinking “damn, that guy’s got some ugly balls!”

Green Bean, dear, you’ve done it again. I was thinking of the same thing myself.

So, I’ll say, "What Green Bean said.

I was once intimate with a man who had a huge pair of testicles, I mean HUGE! He also had the smallest penis I’d ever seen – regardless of the state of arousal.

Is there a correlation? Yeah I know that’s a different question than what was in the OP but I’ve always wondered whether testical size and penis size were related in any way – inverse or proportional.



Can we have a moratorium on the shocked smiley face? I, too, am starting to wonder what he’s so damn surprised about. There may be studies about the correlation, or lack thereof, between penis and testicle size, but I ain’t looking them up - especially since I’m at work now. I don’t personally think there is one, however.

I find it fascinating that wimmens don’t find big balls sexier. Men, for example, usually are aroused by breasts because, as many say, “We ain’t got 'em.” And (I know there are exceptions) big boobs usually garner more attention.

Interesting the same isn’t true for the ladies’ opinions of the nutsack.



The reason that I don’t find bigger testicles sexier is because if I’m intimate with the man, I don’t want a pair of bowling balls bruising me between the legs! That’d just hurt!



Echo here. Never in my life have I had any thought about what a desirable size, color or shape testicles should be.

I thought the same held for men’s appreciation of a womans private parts. But in the last five years, I read about women who think their labia are "too big"or to assymmetrical or whatever. Cosmetic surgery on labia seems quite common today!
I remember when I first heard about an upcoming beauty standard for labia: “no, p’lease, not another bodypart we have to be insecure about…”.:frowning:

Who the hell would want oversized novelty balls, anyway? Hell, mine get pinched as it is when I’m jammin’ down some real deep, gnarly mogels! Its enough to throw you right out of the fall-line!

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