What Do Your Kids Imagine?

I love to watch my kids (Dianasaur & Johnzilla) play. They play together quite well, actually. Dianasaur is 5, Johnzilla is 2 1/2. Right now, they’re best buds.

What gets me is their imaginations. They way they pretend stuff is amazing. So far just today, I’ve seen butterflies, race car drivers, veterinarians, Spongebob Squarepants, kitties, puppies, the Grinch & his dog Max, little babies, and a host of others.

It’s amazing what these kids will pull out of their little heads. It’s a riot sometimes, too, the combinations they’ll come up with. A guitar-playing butterfly. A talking kitty. A flying school bus. A rollerskating caterpillar, who’s eating a strawberry ice-cream cone.

I love it. Not only does it keep them entertained, but it gves me a new perspective on how they see things. I don’t discourage their imaginations. If they say that the kitties they’re pretending to be are green with purple stripes…well, okay! The dinosaurs they are now need to wear hats & scarves because it’s chilly outside? Okay!

Share your stories with me. I love this stuff. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m not a little kid any more, and I do this all the time.

‘Gee, yeah, Mom, that website with the screaming lady sure is amazing.:rolleyes: Never seen that before.’

One day my girls created a beach in the family room. The floor’s already a a sandy color - blond hardwood parquet - and they spead out some towels and scattered the seashells their parents had brought home from the Bahmas all over. Then they changed into their swimsuits and tossed a beach ball around for a while.


I love to hear my kids sing. Not a performance, but just sing to themselves while they go about their business. The kind of aimless, artless, repetitive singing that indicates busy hands and a happy soul.

My brother-in-law once remarked that children who sing while they play simply must be happy. It just stands to reason.