What Does a Crack Headstock do to the Value of a Guitar?

I just cracked the headstock on my Gibson VooDoo SG. (If you can recommend a good place in Manhattan, please see this thread.) What with this do the resale value of the guitar? I didn’t buy it as an investment, but I took pride in keeping it in excellent condition.

It depends on a zillion things. I am not familiar with that model, but in general a problem like that would significantly hurt the value of a vintage collector’s piece, but a properly repaired crack that doesn’t affect intonation or playability would not have as big an impact on a practical workhorse guitar. This is really something that is determined case by case.

At any rate, it will be a huge hit compared to a mint specimen.

“It depends on a zillion things.”
Amen. Keep in mind that a repair can be made invisible with no real detriment to the guitar- depending on your budget, even a peek inside the truss rod cover could fool all but the most scrutinous, usually luthiers.