What does everyone here on this board look like?

If this is better suited to another thread I don’t know where to put it. I figured it’d get more hits here.

I get a sense that there is a very diverse group of people on this board: old, young, many different ethnicities and styles. Therefore I want everyone who can to post a picture of themselve so we can get an idea of what everyone else looks like and heighten the sense of community on this forum here. If you do not have a picture just describe what you look like and/or how old you are. I am very curious.

I will start by posting a link to my picture:


It will show an error page, just click on the url bar and hit enter once more as you surely know. Anyone else care to post a photo?

A moderator will come along shortly to chastise you. In the mean time, I suggest you get familiar with MPSIMS:


I see now. Feel free to move this thread.

Here’s the thread you want:

That thread is too old and it seems to be the same few people chatting back and forth. Too much talk! I move for this thread to be the newest, updatedest picture page.

Here is a newer one:

That one’s old as hell too. This one is the new one from now on!

That thread has been active within the last month, and contains hundreds of recent pictures of Dopers.

This thread is totally redundant. Give it up.

Bring out the Gimp!

??? It started six weeks ago and you think it’s old as hell?

I sure hope you don’t play Diablo II…

Nope, still doesn’t work. Geocities sucks, as you surely know. :smiley:

Come over and meet me.

Here’s an even older one.


And it was the original one so, neener, neener :stuck_out_tongue:

What difference does it make how old they are, if you just want to know what we look like.

Just like you, only less so. :stuck_out_tongue:

The GQ forum is for questions with factual answers. This sort of thing belongs in MPSIMS. Since it has been covered there recently (a month is recent in my book), I’ll close this thread rather than move it.

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