What does "Git R Done" mean?

Crap. Note to self: either watch the movie or post to the SDMB, do not attempt to do both simultaneously.

I apologise for my spastic posting and “innovative” spelling.

To be fair, Ron White makes FUN of homophobes. Like when he talks about his cousin the homophobe.

I think you’ve misread the target market.

There is comedy for educated people, and there is comedy for uneducated people. Even Shakespeare played to the groundlings.

HEY NOW! “Get ‘R’ Done!” is my town’s official motto.

Which doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Damn, my mayor’s a moron.

Oh, I think the other three “blue collar” comics are great! But, they even seem to be embarrassed by “Lar”

LTCG is one of my embarrassing celebrity crushes. Of course, here in Arkansas, I hear people talk like that all the time.

Somewhat of a hijack, but speaking of comedian’s trademarks, I have seen that Dane Cook has some hand gesture - you hold up your middle and ring finger while keeping your index and pinky down. What does that mean?

It’s the Super Finger.

Hey - thanks for the fast response time.