Git R' Done?

I’m starting to see a lot of redneck paraphenalia - truck stickers, t-shirts with Confederate flags and wolves, and so on – that include the text “Git R’ Done!” on it. What’s the origins of this phrase, and why does it seem to appeak to rednecks?

It’s a catchphrase of comedian Larry the Cable Guy.

Blockbuster. Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Go rent.



What’s the context of the phrase? Just something Larry says?

Pretty much.

It seems to basically mean “Takin’ care of business.”

Funny story:

Mrs. HeyHomie’s side of the family all live in a small town in the mountains in rural southeastern Missouri. The area is pretty redneck. Mrs HeyHomie’s family, for better or for worse, is not redneck, although sometimes they slip into it just for good measure. They all have guns & trucks & stuffed deer heads & all that, but they’re all very articulate, very cultured and educated people. Anyway…

One saturday we were there visiting and Mrs. HeyHomie, her mother, and her mother’s parents were all sitting at the dining room table playing Scrabble. I was wandering around the house moping because I was bored.

JUDY (my mother-in-law): Hey, Homie, did you know that there’s gonna be a mud bog at [some nearby town] this afternoon?

ME: No, I didn’t.

JUDY: You should go.

ME: No, thanks. That doesn’t really sound like much fun.

JUDY: Now Homie, you’re gonna have to go to mud bogs if you’re ever gonna learn to be a redneck.