What does it mean when someone looks down in passing?

I have this newish boss. I’m kind of shy, he seems kind of shy. If I see him down the hall we’ll do the obligatory head nod and then he immediately looks down, expressionless.

Now, I know it’s taboo to have extended eye contact with somebody you don’t know very well. Epecially if they are of the same sex. Can be linked to intimidation or aggression, or attraction. And that could be all it is, that he’s trying to avoid.

But I usually at least make some effort to look friendly, maybe put a little smile on my face, eyes straight ahead when not contacting The way he does it just kind of looks avoidant and maybe a bit unfriendly.

What do you think?

This is a crippling and destructive mental condition called “being shy.” :rolleyes:

Old joke.

Q: How can you tell when an engineer is an extrovert?
A: Because when you pass him in the hallway, he looks down at *your *shoes.

Obviously he wants to avoid any lengthy conversations.

But if it bothers you, next time you are having tea with him, ask him.

Is he generally looking down before he sees you? I do that, in general, rather than holding my head high. Especially when I’m thinking about something/day dreaming.

I agree with everyone else that he’s shy. I don’t find anything at all unfriendly about his behavior. But I’m sure plenty of others agree with you and think I’m unfriendly, too. At least I’m old enough now that random people have mostly quit telling me to “smile” or “cheer up”- though I think women get that more, anyway. It’s irritating. I’m minding my own business, but other people don’t seem inclined to do the same.

Yeah but he’s the boss and being so shy you won’t even acknowledge your own employee–that’s not a good qualifier for being a boss.

But he did acknowledge his employee. He nodded a greeting. That’s acknowledgement.
However, I never said he was qualified to manage people. I’m sure not. When I had my first appraisal and we talked about the direction I wanted to take, I was very upfront that I’m a programmer and did not in any sense ever want to manage people.

I didn’t say he was a good or qualified boss, though. I said he didn’t seem unfriendly. Those are two different things.