What does it take?

Okay, I’ll admit it. My homepage sucks. It sucks so bad, I’m not even going to tell you the address. I really, really want to fix it up, and make it nice, so that 30 of the 40 visitors in a year are not myself checking the counter, and my mom looking at my Christmas list.

So…I turn to you, wise and noble people…what would you like to see on the (soon to be) best personal homepage ever? The only restrictions are that I have a 56K modem, and I don’t want to spend more than an hour uploading…so no home videos. :wink:
When this is done, I will post the addy, and we can have a “horray, this is great” party!

Two words: Shower Cam
and perhaps a button that would transfer $10 to my Paypal account every click.

Waverly…Love to…but my roommates probably wouldn’t like it…that and smoke would probably start spewing from my poor modem!
Unless, perhaps, you will pay for DSL… :smiley:

Shower with your roommate, and I’ll give it due consideration (I may be able to pay out of my appropriated Paypal funds)

As for actual advice, Ms. Evenstar, come up with some sort of theme (gimmick if you will) that sets it apart from your average vanity site.

I’ll work on my roommate…would you like just two, or all 3 of us? Warning: the camerawork might be a little shaky if the “cameraman” is in the shower, too…
But, I’ll need the DSL to upload the Webcam pics (not to mention buying a camera…wanna split? I’ll give you special rights on the page ;)) so if you get the hardware over soon, we can get that part up giggle
I’ve thought of a few themes, that was actually the last update I made…chemistry-themed, sorta. But I think it needs a complete makeover. Not that chem is bad, of course (yay for fullerenes!), but it didn’t exactly get anybody to look at it. Except one person from ICQ. Poor lost soul.

Okay, does anyone have any more serious suggestions? Not that Waverly wasn’t serious, but…

The key is content - it is the only reason people will visit more than once. As long it is updated regularly with stuff that people want to read they will keep coming back.

If it’s a personal homepage, maybe keep a diary - lots of people enjoy reading about other peoples lives . . look how well so called reality TV did.

If you want to do a themed home page, write aobut somthing you are interested in, and be aware there is probalby allready a site doing exactly the same thing.
And when your done, let us have the URL :slight_smile: