What Does Pine Honey taste Like?

It is darker than orange blossom honey, and costs quite a bit more. is it worth it?

I’ve bought a jar, and yes, it was one of the most expensive honeys this already-expensive specialty grocery store had. It smelled quite piney, but tasted less so (though still noticeably). It was at least as piney as lavender honey is lavendery, if you’ve ever tried that, and more piney than orange blossom honey is orangey. If I handed you a spoonful of it, I’m sure you would be able to tell what it was by smell and taste.

It was definitely unique (we bought it just because it sounded interesting), but we just didn’t end up finding many things it went well with. It was innocuous enough that you could put in on toast or in tea, but didn’t really do anything amazing enough to justify $16 for a tiny jar.