What does soup quench?

Hunger, Thurst, Or both?
I have stupidly not brought any food with me to work, and there will be no shops open when I leave. I have a couple of cup-a-soups in a drawer.

I am wondering if they will suffice or if I will still be hungry/need food, even after 5 of them?

It’s either the soup, or the UFO someone’s left in the drawer from the day shift.
(Unidentifiable Food Object)

Well, if that’s all you got, eat 'em. I suppose 5 might fill most people up.

Soup is generally used as an appetizer. Used to get the juices flowing. So I doubt it really quenches anything.

The salt in them will help ease your hunger. If you eat enough of them, you’ll probably feel full. But since there’s not much real food there, you’ll get hungry again pretty soon.

They’ll probably be enough to tide you over, buy you’ll have to eat when you get home.

Depends on their nutritional content. A good thick bean soup is more satiating than many meals. A cup of chicken broth won’t quite do.

And the salt in them will ease your craving for salt, and make you thirsty. Won’t do much for hunger.

OTOH, a big bowl of delicious Vietnamese pho’ will quench both hunger and thirst. Yum!

(Do I have to say how much this will vary by the person?)

There are a few things involved in being full: Satisfying your need for nutrients, satisfying your need for sugar and salt, and getting bulk in your gut. If you eat something like a thick bean soup, even if it’s bland and generally not nutritious, it will take the edge off simply by virtue of physically filling your stomach. If you eat a salty but generally watery soup, it will satisfy your need for salt, but it won’t fill your gut and you’ll need some water to balance out the saline in your bloodstream. Either way, you’ll need water to balance out the glucose levels.

Water in the soup will help with the bulk until the next time you urinate. It will also help you balance out the salt and the glucose. Water is good. Water is not really nutritious, but it will take the edge off.

Eat the soup, but don’t be surprised if you want to eat the moment you get home.

So I guess a lot of you guys wouldn’t be very happy on Soup Night at my house.

I don’t know about what varieties of cup o’soup you have, but I find several types of soup quite satisfying as meals in themselves. Bean soups, as mentioned, will fill you up, as will split pea or lentil soup. Noodly soups are mildly filling, but the more brothy ones will probably just whet your appetite. Most commercial soups have an incredible amount of salt in them, so you probably will need a good supply of water to go with the soup.

Most people don’t think of instant soup as a main course, but five cups of soup are likely to be pretty darn filling. If you can scrounge around and find some crackers, you could be completely happy.

Am I just a freak, here? Usually, my supper consists of a bowl of soup (all hail Ramen!). It always seems to be a perfectly adequate and filling supper. Why wouldn’t it?

That Ramen stuff is pretty low in nutrients if I’m not mistaken. Isn’t it basically some starchy noodles and a packet of artificial flavour?