What does the bisexual community want us to know?

That’s absurd. I didn’t ask you to fight my ignorance about what bisexuals want and need. I asked you to cite your own highly dubious claims about bisexuals. Your failure to do so speaks pretty clearly as to the veracity of your claims, though, so I figure you’ve satisfied whatever curiosity I had on the subject.

edit: “the subject” being of course the veracity of your claims.

I still don’t get why you’d be upset about science trying to prove you exist if there are people out there that don’t believe you exist.

Especially women, who seem to be less binary generally speaking.

Seems that there are a lot of bi guys that don’t want to admit it to themselves or anyone else. There are tons of guys that have sex with other guys but still describe themselves as ‘completely straight’. I had one tell me that he’s straight but wants to get fucked by other guys and described liking penises as his fetish.

Personally, the hardest thing I’ve experienced is a real lack of community, identity, and support. While bisexuals aren’t specifically ostracized by mainstream gay culture, there’s distance. It’s seemed to me like people that come out as gay tend to get brought in to a supportive culture, that’s much less true for bisexuals. It’s not a conspiracy, but bisexuality being a sort of “neutral” stance seems to make it tougher to really build community.

I’ve found a little more support and kinship from the broader queer community, but as a sorta-clean-cut young white male, it’s…well, it’s hard to feel more invisible or boring around many/most self-identified queer folks.

I’m eager to see the data you have to back this up. I’ve searched PubMed an UpToDate and couldn’t find any studies on the matter that separate out bisexuals from the gay/lesbian population.

I’m not aware of any provisions exempting bisexuals from the progress made by the Gay Lesbian and Bisexual community.

Ironically, the only area where bisexuals are clearly trailing homosexuals (aside from Kinsey rating) is in acceptance.

I’ll be sure to let the others know you’ve identified the cause. The search for the problems shall commence after considerable equivocating.

The real problem is that we are invisible. I am bi, with a moderate preference for women. When (as At the moment), I have a female partner, everyone (gay and straight) reads me as gay. This included my friends, who I have repeatedly told otherwise. They just kinda forget. If I have a male partner, I read as straight to everyone (or possibly as “fake pseudo bi”). This is both somewhat annoying personally and creates problems for the community (such as the phenomenon that someone mentioned of people saying that they don’t know any bisexuals).

I am attracted to femaleness in women and to maleness in men and to maleness in women and femaleness in men. It’s probably different for every bi person. :slight_smile: