What does this Russian writing mean?

What do the Russian letters on the front of this guy’s helmet mean?

From my long-ago experience with Russian I’d guess that the word was pronounced “Beh-yah.” What does it mean?

And why in the hell would they print big text right on the front of someone’s helmet? Wouldn’t it get in the way of his vision? Wouldn’t his eyes get worse over time from constantly shifting focus between the letters and whatever was in his line of sight outside the helmet?

My guess it’s an acronym. Letters are B Yeh I (pronounced EE). Nothing in any of my dictionaries for a word with those letters. No idea what it stands for, but my guess on the first word would be BOYEVOY, meaning combat, etc. But it’s a videogame, so they probably just made something up.

Ру иуфе ьу ещ шею.

lol… I mean he beat me to it. I forgot to switch my keyboard back to English when I started typing. I left the nonsense Russian above because it amuses me. I was also going to say I could not find that word in any of my dictionaries. I concur that its probably an acronym. Or just some BS that the game designers thought looked cool. Being CynicalGabe, I naturally lean toward the latter.

On top of all that, the company seems to be Japanese. So it’s likely that the person who decided to use those three letters uses Japanese as his native language and the three words it stands for are Japanese words.

So you’re saying it means ‘All Your Base’?

True, there is no such word in russian but there is a very similar one - it is pronounced just like english word BAY. That means BEAT - and makes perfect sense as an instruction to the black soldier in question. Look at the bottom right corner of this famous Soviet revolutionary poster: