What does TMI mean?

I can figure by the usage that it means “Caution, could gross you right out of existence” but what words do the letters signify. Also can someone point me to a thread with all the common abbreviations we use around here, I can’t be the first person to ask this.

Thanx, Janx

If I told you, it might be too much information.

** Libertarian ** wrote

Sooooooo, you DO know but you don’t want to tell me huh.

Vell - Veee Half Veeys Ov MHAKINK you talk!

I agree Its way Too Much Information:smack:

It means “Two-Mandibled Ibis”.

It’s in the FAQ.

Holy Sequential Thread Titles, Batman!

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What does TMI mean?

Guys, thanks, I got it the first time.

From growing up in Pennsylvania in the late 1970’s, I can tell you it also stands for Three Mile Island.