What does your home say about you?

Guns, guitars, spoiled dog and cat, not a *Better Homes And Gardens *type.

If my computer screen saver slideshow is running…

Kid crap, a shitload of books, a piano, a shitload of board games, and some framed artwork on the walls that was done by friends, local artists, and/or our kids.

‘Holy crap that’s a shit load of art/yarn/plants.’

Pretty much this.
Though I am often tempted to spray the cats with Endust and send them chasing after lasers; that would work, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

So much art (by both parents and me) that I ran out of walls years ago
Several art pieces “in progress”
Art and photography supplies
Tons of books
A couple thousand CDs
2 cats + toys
Too many houseplants
Musical instruments
A dungeon in the attic
Computers, monitors, printers, etc.
Retro furniture and furnishings from the '30s-'50s
Stacks of paperwork I need to go through

Not much. It’s an inanimate object.

Mix-match of furniture, loveseat so old had to put a cover on it 'cause it’s so outdated
Stained glass and seashell lamps by a local artist
Stuff on the walls mostly gifts or acquired from travels, mostly with real frames
Stuff on shelves also gifts of significance or from travels
Not a lot of books or CD’s or DVD’s any more, most is stored digitally and clutter is gone!
Cat trees and scratching posts and litter boxes. Cat toys scattered on floor
Not much in places reachable/breakable by cats, bonus, makes it easy to dust
Just about everything has a story.

Ditto exactly.

Or, alternatively, “a confirmed old bachelor lives here.”

I actually made this the subject of an English 1-A essay, although I gave a more detailed description, resulting in a somewhat stronger conclusion. Should I post entire essay here (assuming I can find it, which isn’t assured)?


Yes, that too.

Hand-me-down furniture that I call antiques. Several “warm light” lamps. Lots of books and lots of shells and lots of cats/stuff. A large mirror propped up against the wall in the kitchen that I dance in front of when I’m cooking and have clicked on the radio. Main colors are bronze (not really gold), rust and forest green.

Once on The View they had tours of the hosts’ homes. Whoopie Goldberg uses my colors! and had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, even in the hall if IRC. I could have moved right into her house and climbed into her bed.

Nothing in particular, I’m afraid. I’m neat but not a “neat freak” and don’t have much in the way of esp distinctive “stuff” around (no kid’s toys, little in the way of stuff related to hobbies, beliefs etc). Just a regular “normal” looking house. Maybe it says I’m good at being subtle. :slight_smile:

It says my wife won’t throw anything away, even if it’s useless. And that I have saved lots of useful stuff.

:frowning: Was it so much worse than everyone else’s?

I’m a craft-aholic with more ideas than time, my husband is an audiophile who builds and sells tube amps as a hobby, and we have an adorable baby who takes up most of what used to be our hobby time.

Need more? It’s a renovated uber-mod 70s house with IKEA kitchen and bathrooms, hard flooring, and a metal roof. The furniture is all English country, though. Can you guess which part is my husband and which part is me?

“Gee…that’s a lot of self help and “how to” books you’ve got there. And it seems like everything in your house has a system to it.”

Mine says we’re stuck in the past with an eye to the future, and somehow a wooden kayak got stuck upside down on the ceiling.

Outside, our place is pretty idealic. Horse pasture, pond, meadow, mature landscaping that looks natural. First time visitors often call it a showplace. Then they walk inside. Unless it is right after the housekeeper left there is dog hair all over, books, laptops, magazines, mail, all over.

This is the artwork that greets you as you walk into our house.

I think that says a lot.

What else would you see? Neutral colors, many paperwork piles, probably some dishes in the sink, and some home-improvement projects in progress. Cats (and cat fur), books, photos of family, many computers and wires.

As for things I have “on display” on shelves, I’ve got pretty wooden boxes, photos in frames and albums, Grandmaman’s teacups and candle holders, and large blue bowls. Then there’s the souvenirs from our travels - a small Brandenburg gate, a leaning tower of Pisa, a Liberty Bell, a ceramic turtle from Curacao. And let’s not forget my Minas Tirith, Gollum, and Argonath statuettes from the Lord of the Rings special edition DVDs.

I’m not sure what it says about me, but I hope it’s good.

Tons of books, and rocks, and Buddhist statuary, a sewing machine, computer, tv…wait, Is that a human skull? A shrunken head? Blowgun & bows and arrows, from SE Asia, statuary from S America, an enormous sea shell collection and a “Welcome to our home!” greeting, spelled out, in naturally occurring, coral letters found on a Thai beach. Oh, and a healthy amount of dust too!

I guess you’ll have to decide what it says about us.

No disrespect intended, but I can’t help reading this and picturing a grey haired drag queen. Grandma-man :stuck_out_tongue:

My living room says I am neat, well organized and like oriental art. Let’s just stay there; the rest of my house is chaotic.

That we’ve traveled, and that we read.