What's your living space like?

Mine’s like a library. There are books everywhere. And lots of photos I’ve taken, glass work and plants. What’s your place like? What’s your most treasured possession? I would have to say mine is the books. I could gladly sell or get rid of everything else but them! How about you?

I can best describe mine as a hobbit hole. Much like Bilbo Baggins residence described by Tolkien. It’s underground, with just enough windows to let some light in for a few hours a day, very spacious inside though. The den is very comfy, persian rug, chestnut coffee table set, Teak wall unit entertainment center combination book shelf and desk, overstuffed with books. one shelf is very precious to me in that it contains my favorite books, my Buddha, and a picture of my family. My bedroom is very plain but warm, in the rear of the apartment, and a second room is stuffed with computers and computer parts, along with a bunch of rock climbing gear, a mountain bike, rollerblades, and my painting and drawing equipment ie. easel, drawing board…
oh, and the litterbox for my cats. That’s the most precious of mine, the cats. Aries and Comet give this place a life. I wouldn’t care much if i had to lose everything in my place, but i would never give up the cats. They are too dear.

Hey, sounds like we’ve got some sports in common! BTW, I meant inanimate objects, not animals or people. I would of course take my dog/cats/fish first! But what one thing means the most to you? That photo of your family I’m guessing?

My Buddha, my family picture, and a few of those books. I really can’t think of anything that would hurt otherwise if i lost it. Just those. Unfortunately, my sisters house was just burnt to a crisp a week ago, luckily, her guitar and prized possesions were saved.

Lets see…books, books in various types of bookshelves, magazines, butterflies, books, some colorful dead beetles destined for a wreath, more books, skis, camping equipment, more books. Particles of clothing lying hither and yon. Phoneline snaking from bedroom to kitchen (hey, I have a kitchen…how’d that get there?), lying over and under more books. African/Russian/Sri Lankan doodads. Pictures of family. Finnish flag. Several wreaths, some unfinished. Data files. Huge dead palm in the living room corner (been dead for 5 years, am considering spray-painting it green).

Most treasured? Family pics and mounted butterflies made by my friend.

Tons of books, tons of CDs, pictures of friends, art prints, and fan art I’ve purchased, and lots of plants.

Most treasured possession? Hmmmm. Two things. My laptop, because everything I’ve ever written is on there. And (and this one is cheesy), a picture my friend Susan drew of the entire Homicide cast over all 7 seasons.

Let’s see - I’m in the bedroom right now ('cause that’s where the computer is) there’s the computer, books, bed, videotapes, books, TV, VCR, books, end table, stationary bike, and books.

Pretty much my whole house is filled with book shelves. Even the bathroom has a shelf of books. (Last time I moved, my SO commented - “I know your dream is to be a librarian, but I don’t think they require you to own your own library.” He’s such a smartass.

My apartment is beautiful. I live above a country craft store. Two floors. The rooms are enormous. All hardwood floors. Stained glass transoms above all the doors. Stained glass ceiling fixtures in the hallways. About a thousand windows. One of those old claw footed tubs in the bathroom. I love my place :slight_smile: The only drawback is what I don’t spend in rent, I spend in the store :slight_smile:

My most treasured “possession” is my Minx. But, since that really goes without saying (that would be like saying your kids are your most treasured possession), my most treasured possessions are my books. When I left my husband I left a house and a house full of custom made furniture - I never looked back and it never bothered me - all I took with me were my books.

It seems that we Dopers have some sort of book fetish, doesn’t it?

Lots of books, children’s toys, military uniforms and gear (wife’s), police gear and uniforms (mine), rubber chew toys (dogs’).

Falcon – how is that cheesy? It must have value to you, I don’t think that’s cheesy. My friend did a pencil drawing of a man in one of my books and it is one of those things I’d grab.

Bluepony – rubber chew toys (dogs’). Thank goddess you added that dogs’ thing at the end or I would have really wondered about you!

Minxsmom – when I left my SO in LA I could only fit my books in the car. I left everything else. He couldn’t believe it. He thought I was subtly leaving him a way to get “back” to me. I wasn’t. They were the only things I cared about by that point.

I’m getting the point that most of you are like me, your home is books. I have, at last count, 2864 of them. That’s just because I started tracking them on my computer. This was so I could FIND them easier!

A plethora of bibliophiles!

(Say that three times fast!)

Oh, I never really felt myself in better company until now!

That’s a great idea, Byz. It takes me forever to find a book because they are all over the place. Many of them are even still packed away in boxes due to lack of shelf space. If I put them on my computer, I’d have a better chance of finding the one I was looking for. You’re a genius! :smiley:

smiles I still live at home so I have limited space (unfortunately I’m a packrat as well… not a good mix) but my room is filled with books, dolls (mostly the porcelain(sp?) kind… though I do have some others), stuffed animals, posters, pictures lots of odds and ends I have no need of (I’m cleaning my room now I amazed at all the junk I have)

Like the others I’d go straight for my books and then my dolls… they have sentimental value. The rest I could probably leave.

Well my front room is full of electrical goods . Two t.v’s each with a playstation connected , two videos , a nintendo 64 , a pro logic stereo which everything is connected into and a laptop . T.v. in the kitchen and t.v./video in my room ( also connected into a stereo ) . Lots of books in my bedroom and general clutter . It’s a big house so lots of room for the Playstation 2 and tower comp. when they’re bought . :slight_smile:

Yes , you guessed it I live with two other blokes .

Yes, I’ve got loads of books, too.

But recently, thinking about my load of stuff, I was thinking: who needs it all? They’re just things, can all be replaced or done without. Moving has become more and more of a problem over the years, and I’m nowhere near settling down yet.

Well, I don’t have the librarys that most of you seem to have, but I do have several thousand books in various locations around the house. We have 3 kids, so our house is geared to them really. Not by design…the kids have just taken over.

My wife and I sit on the floor in the corner of one of the bedrooms, rocking back and forth, mumbling under our breath, hoping they’ll let us come out to eat.

My life is good…and I’m not saying that just cuz there’s a lego gun pointed at my temple.

Sadly I am homeless at the moment. Have been travelling a lot and so when in London stay at work - in the accomodation building. This is very sad, but have managed to make it bearable by surrounding myself with photos, all fave books, painting supplies and old canvases, my fave plant, rosary beads (just looking at them reminds me to be calm) and a framed four leaf clover given to me by an old friend about 8 years ago, it has slowly gone brown and lost its vibrancy, but goes with me wherever I go. My real good luck charm. These are things which follow me all over the world, and make my little space so much more special.
Hopefully will have new house on return from immenent trip to Latvia. (am moving in with S.O. not sure if this is a good idea)

Come on over to my side of the pond, realidad.

I’ve got an average-sized, mostly empty house with plenty of room in a beautiful, rural location.

(OK, I admit it. I saw your pic on the SD PeoplePages. Hubba-hubba! :wink: )

My kitchen is full of spices and sauces and other things that spice up a bland vegetarian diet, my fridge is covered with magnets I’ve been “attracted” to (God of puns, forgive me) and postcards from Dopers and RL friends. My cat-child, a Siamese named Tiki is usually on the window ledge in the kitchen over the table. It’s her favorite window.

There’s a hallway to the bathroom, which is huge. I was able to put my cherrywood vanity in there, which is the Primpin’ Station. The woman who had my apartment before me had an easy chair in the bathroom. Don’t ask why.

Back through the kitchen to the livingroom. It’s a strange shape, about 12 feet by 12 feet with a closet and an alcove. My books/treasures are in the alcove, which will become my reading nook once I can afford a comfy chair. Computer and TV live in here.

Bedroom is fairy industry standard, large, good carpeting, angled ceiling that starts at about 6 feet. I have a couple of bureaus, one has the ancient TV my old roommate gave me, for burying myself in my comfortor and watching TV late at night.

I have a thing about pictures. The wallspace on my apartment is rapidly becoming depleated. I have pictures of my parents as kids, pictures of my grandmother and my mom as a baby on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, pictures my grandfather took during WWII of the Moroccan calvary, posters of bands I love, movies I adore, artists/painters that make me happy. I have an African mask standing watch over my kitchen, who is a spirit of contentment. I have two matching postcards that I picked up at a flea market that were sent in the 40s from some Arabic country, one of women around a well, one of men sitting on a door step.

Other than my cat, I don’t know that anything I own is terribly important. The important pictures aren’t originals, and the rest of it is just stuff. Maybe my photoalbum, there are some pictures of me as a wee Riddle and the rest of the Riddle family that I inherited that I wouldn’t want to lose.

Imagine a cave crammed with books and CDs. That’s what my living space is like.

I’ve got a lot in common with posters on this thread – Books, books, books. Bookshelves in every room of the house (except the bathroom. Fredric Brown says – in “Night of thye Jabberwock” – that you need one there, too, but there ain’t no room. Got an overflowing magazine basket i there, though). Our three-year old daughter has two bookcases, too – one in her room, one in the living room.

Of course, because of the daughter, we have LOTS of kid’s toys. we pile these in front of the bookcases.

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Hmmmmm, I guess Technical Wonderland would be the best description. I’ve wired speakers throughout my whole house, and tied the PC sound card into it. My electrical meter has been seen spinning fast enough to make the edges glow.