If money and space were no object, what would you end up with a lot of?

If you could turn off the “I really don’t need another one of these… I shouldn’t spend the money on it, and where would I put it?” filter, what would you end up with a lot of? What store(s) or sections thereof always make you wish you were independently wealthy? I’m not really asking about big-ticket items, but if those are what tempt you, okay!

For me, it would be purses and tote bags and diaper bags and such. They wouldn’t necessarily be high-end, but there are some out there that really want but definitely can’t afford, and they would definitely make it into my collection. And then I would never be able to find anything, because all my stuff would be scattered amongst my thousands of bags.

Also, I would probably buy lots of kitchen gadgets.

And, probably, shoes.

Oh! And yarn, too.

What about you?

Pairs of skis.

Books, shoes, and cute panties.

Kitchen gadgets, art glass, books, art supplies, craft supplies, kittens and puppies.

That’s if time were also no object.

Clothes. Many wardrobes full of clothes!

Books and music.

Hmm. This is tough, because in the last few years I’ve become more more oriented towards simplicity, so the thought of acquiring a limitless supply of almost anything fills me with quiet horror.

Except when I think about art, since both money and space mean I don’t own as much as I’d like. Even buying prints gets expensive once you involve framing, and there’s always a premium on wall space.

Mostly gig posters and pop surrealist art, originals or prints, in all likelihood.


T-shirts. I would have so many T-shirts that I would never need to do laundry again, except when something other than T-shirts needed to be washed, or I wanted to re-wear a particular favorite T-shirt.

Shoes too, but they would all be Birkenstocks, Crocs, flip-flops, sandals, or moccasins. I’m not interested in uncomfortable shoes.

Kitchen gadgets here, too. Two or maybe even three of each (for milk and meat, and possibly also for parve). And some extras in case the one I want is dirty. I don’t like hand-washing a kitchen gadget so it can be used again- I hate hand-washing dishes or kitchen gadgets, and I’m not sure something is really clean unless it’s gone through the dishwasher. I live with the non-dishwasher-safe stuff being hand washed, but there’s no excuse if something is dishwasher safe.

Pots and pans, too, for the same reason as kitchen gadgets.

Cats. I’d take home a new fuzzer every time I went by the rescues at Petsmart or Petco if I thought I had the space, time, and money to take proper care of them.

Guns of all types, shapes, sizes, makes and models, all held in a very large arsenal with an indoor range. Why, you ask? Because money and space are no object, of course. That, and the fact that they all have different characteristics and unique qualities that make them enjoyable to shoot in varying degrees. Guns are like cars in that respect.

Speaking of cars… Yeah, them too, for the same reasons.

Derelict cars and boats.
Oh, and cute panties.

I knew you would say that when I saw you were the last one to respond to the thread.

As for me, books. Books, books, books, and more books. Did I mention books?

Also a bookcase or three. Dozen.
I’ll have to disagree with the ‘cute panties’ semi-theme, though.

I’d get in to letterpress printing.

If money and space were no object, I would be a-swimmin’ in old Chinese porcelain. I got too much as it is. I have no idea why I love that stuff so much, but I seriously do. And not just to sit around either. I use the stuff I got! Vases and plates and platters… my mouth is waterin’!! :cool:

How about lots of cute pandas?
(I had to re-read that twice.)

Yeah, what he said. Plus gasoline and ammo, of course.

And timepieces. Mechanical clocks and watches.

Fruit trees. Ask me again in six months and the answer will be different, but will still require land.


Typewriters. Also film projectors, sewing machines, clocks, watches, and pretty much anything mechanical. If I had a garage, it would be full of machines, both whole and in parts. Also tools, I’d kill for a CNC router right about now.

Kitchen tools too (bonus points for mechanical kitchen tools).


Glassware (stemware, mostly, but I love pretty much anything made of glass!)

Cute panties (actually, there’s a lot of clothes I’d probably buy).

Probably video games and books.