want it, need it, gotta have it

The criteria:
[li]There is a material item you desperately want, which is reasonably attainable.[/li][li]You have been wanting said item for an extended period of time.[/li][li]You want this item so badly that you must handle it every time you enter that store.[/li][li]You think about that item once or more on a daily basis.[/li][li]You don’t know for sure that you will actually use said item, if you had it, but your yearning for it is nearly unbearable.[/li][li]You feel you absolutely must have this item, or life as you know it, without the item, seems empty and meaningless[/li][/ul]

What is your item?

Mine is a leatherbound writing journal. Everytime I go in Barnes & Noble, I MUST hold it. I smell the sweet blissfull aroma of the leather. I fan the cream colored pages. I feeling the crisp edges of each page, while listening to the rustle as the pages flip. Sometimes, I go in the B&N for the specific reason of torturing myself over this heavenly object. I MUST have this journal! I have been obsessing over it for at least an entire year. It costs $35.00. I am afraid if I buy it, I won’t use it, even though I love to write. It’s almost TOO damn wonderful to desecrate by writing in it.

Ode to a Journal
Ohhhh my sweet, sweet journal… how thou dost torture my soul.
Thou mockest me as I lie in wait, dreaming of your elegant pages.
My heart cryeth out, and my soul burneth to attain you.
My fingers yearn to gracefully dance over you, my pen gliding as a veteran skater on the ice.
To have you, is to have you not. Yet not having you, is unbearable.
Ohhhh my sweet, sweet journal… how thou dost torture my soul.*

Oh yeah, here it is: http://www.cavallini.com/leather.html

It’s the brown “embossed” journal. I also like the “Romano,” in both black and brown.

Mine is this:

A brand new Asus K7V Dragon+ with onboard 6 channel sound and LAN, Athlon XP and DDR support.

Oh yeah, and that nice stick of OCZ PC3200 DDR DRAM.
Or, the entire boxed collection of All Creatures Great and Small on VHS.


Come to think of it, I guess I’d actually use those things, so they don’t exactly fit your criteria.

A hedgehog.

The guy at the petstore lets me handle them.

The reason I haven’t bought one yet is because a friend of mine said they make terrible pets and their feces smell disgusting.

Oh yeah, and I even have a name for my hedgehog-

I had a dream once where I had a hedgehog and she spoke to me and said utterly profound things, true things, things that made me feel peace.

In the dream the hedgehog’s name was Angela Bread.

heh 128 mb of ram and the eq expansion shadows of lucillin

I havent even went to the places on the last expansion I bought so it might be years before I get to lucillin

I gave in last night and bought mine:

A 3.3 megapixel digital camera.

Hedgehogs are beyond cute. I crumple into a girly mess every time I see one.

My item isn’t really an item, and the fact that I would use it as often as possible is the only thing that doesn’t fit with your list, but boy does it fit everything else: an internet connection at home. High speed. Aw yeah.

Excuse me, I need to go whimper now.

A nice beat-up, decaying, ex-army V8 Landrover 4x4.

The Monogram Mini Josephine by Louis Vuitton. $630 US and I’m terrified of the price in AUD. But oh, it would look so pretty with so many of my clothes!

I would like to have a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Perpetual. It is simply the most magnificent watch I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, it retails for about USD 15,000. Ain’t gonna happen until I win the lottery, I’m afraid.

A Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.

Exciting, No?

a couple of crates of shoulder-fired missles (nobody said anything about legality, right :D)

[slight hijack]

Get it. You’ll be glad you did. My homemade cheese-cake has improved by a noticable margin thanks to the superior mixing power of this machine. And fresh whipped cream or meringue will reach unprecedented heights of whippeditude. Plus the grinding attachment makes homemade chicken salad a breeze to prepare.


I know just what it would be. Here’s one right here

There’s a dealership between my work and home. I stop in to drool over it every couple of days or so.

I got a couple of mine for Christmas – the Breadmaker and the darts. I still have a few on my list though. The top of the list, at the moment, is…

A digital camera. I want to be able to take pictures at Dopefests and not have to wait for them to be developed. I want to be able to take pictures that traditional places WON’T develop.

I could find a thousand and one uses for a digital camera.

Well, mine doesn’t involve an actual store

I want a finished basement. Sometimes when I’m down there doing laundry (accidentally dropping socks onto the barren concrete floor), I pause for a moment and, as I lovingly cuddle a freshly-dried towel, I look about and picture the warm, tomatoey-colored walls replete with colorful framed prints, the fully-stocked oak cocktail bar in the corner, the comfy couch, beanbag chairs and wall-to-wall carpeting, the end tables and coffee table, the big-screen television (which my mother would give me if I had a finished basement), the game table… Then I pull out the big guns…

The half bath. Oh, the glorious half-bath.

At that point I usually realize that the half-bath alone could run me a few thousand, and the bubble pops.

Defeated, I trudge back up the stairs misty-eyed, throw myself onto the couch in my tiny living room, and numb my pain with two-year-old Flavor Ice…

this majestic automobile

oh god oh god oh god. i don’t care that it’s about 115,000 US$ i will have this car, mark my words. if i choose to go the slightly alternate route, this is the other one. so i have two “want it, need it, gotta have it” lusts. all i have to do is save up a hundred grand, no biggie.

but seriously folks, just looking at images of these cars makes my heart rate rise and my breathing quicken. yes, it’s the sign of a car chick. :smiley:

I want a bass guitar, i have been wanting one for the better part of a decade. I do not have a specific model chosen yet, but i may be able to get it since my father is about retired, as long as i do not practice in the middle of the night.

I want to play a guitar so badly, but never wanted to join school band.

A Mini Cooper. All I’ll ever have is the model of it <sigh>.