Items in which you are a sucker for.

I can’t explain why I like lockets so much.

I’ve always been attacted to foriegn change and old, old, old coins ( romans). All that history just is so cool.

Ebay has helped satisfy or feed my whims in this department without actually having bought anything yet

Bowls. From ramikens to big ol’ ceramic mixing bowls, I’m a sucker for bowls. I can’t fit any more in my cupboards, though, so I only buy the ones I really, really like.

Computer games. Even if I only play 'em for an hour, I want 'em. That’s OK with the bargain bin ones, but at $50 a pop for the real ones I can’t go too overboard on them.

Books. Yeah, I know, I can get 'em from the library, but I prefer those nice crisp boxes, or going to a good bookstore and buying 'em fresh.


Cool containers or bags

Fabric … Metric tonnes have I … almost

Time-waster threads :wink: when I really should be editing this pile of caveats over here …

Vintage table cloths.

Old dictionaries, medical books or manner books.

Silver flatware (especially if it’s cheap).

Clocks. And lamps.

Free food, whether it’s good or not. This includes all-you-can-eat situations, particularly buffets.
Masked wrestlers.
Twangy, reverb-drenched surf-style guitar playing.
Comic books featuring Blue Beetle, Starman, or the Question.

Good grammar. (I kid, I kid :smiley: )

Animals. Mostly cats, but any animal turns me into a big pile of goo. (Not that I collect 'em or anything).

Comic books.


Clothes. I am such a clothes whore, it’s taken a herculean effort to get my spending under control.

Anything with Hello Kitty on it. It started because of my daughter, but when I bought the contact lense case and checkbook cover, I really couldn’t play it off any longer.

I can only imagine what your dream weekend would be like.

For me:

Sweaters. (One entire closet, plus a chest, plus three drawers in the bureau.)

Reference books, esp. slang dicitionaries and books on word derivation.

Frankly, I’m kinda wishing he played on my side of the fence. :smiley:

Reference books (though nothing of grammer :p) I especially like DK eyewitness handbooks, which my children have always gone to first for ‘just looking’ at phases.

Baby name books ( even though we are finished in that department and I can go on line for names.)

Romance novels though I am fading it out of my life right now. and Children’s books.

I use to own about 8 watches ( well, I still do) but I gave up on watches about 5 years ago and either ask for the time or look at my cell phone.

Fabric…oh dear god is that an addiction.

Antique ceramic pitchers, probably because they invoke memories of Grandmom who always used them. I’ve got dozens scattered across the top of the kitchen cabinets.

1930’s airplanes
1960’s European sports cars
Some Art Deco
Northwest-style smoked salmon
Music that doesn’t get played on the radio
Places I haven’t been to yet
Deadpan comedy
Poetry that has a clever rhyme by breaking in the middle of a word
Women with glasses

Fountain pens (I have about a dozen, though I mostly prefer to use a gel pen for actually writing.)

Hokey Japanese monster movies

Bubble gum pop rock. (Sugar Sugar, Da Doo Ron Ron, that sort of stuff. What can I say? It just makes me smile.)

Any movie with Sean Connery in it.

Stationery stores. Okay, not really the stores, but all the NEATO GOT TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE stuff you find in them. Some women like to window show in jewelry stores, but give me a Staples. :smiley:

That is important. Yes. Should have listed that myself. Nothing like women with glasses.

I’ll also add:
Film noir style and fashion.
Antique futurism – what “the future” was presented as looking like back in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s. 1939 World’s Fair sort of stuff, with Art Deco influences.
Salsa and chips.
Cold pasta salads.
Saxophone jazz (perhaps accompanying torchy female vocals or beat poetry).

Miniature figures. Gotta buy em, paint em, and display or sell em!

Books. I have an unbroken chain of reading stretching back for over twenty years. The second I finish one, I get the next one and put the book mark in it. The book mark doesn’t even have time to be laid down before getting stuck into the next book.

That’s 'cuz we’re hot. :cool:

I’m a sucker for:
Animals, especially orphaned ones
Anything BBQ flavored
Flavored teas
Vases (One can never have too many vases.)
A Good Deal (The Dollar Tree is my heaven.)
Antique furniture
Men with big … sparkly brown eyes (What were you pervs thinking?)



Art glass.

Leather book covers.

German sport sedans.

New Victoria Secret Catalogues.

Shape of a perfectly trimmed sail.

Old restored classic sail boats with lots of wood.

Great shoes.


Knives and edged weaponry

hiking gear catalogs

Asian grocery stores

Good cooking utensils

Good beer and scotch

Dictionaries, and random IKEA knick-knacks.