What does your IBD cat eat?

I am putting this in IMHO rather than GQ because I am asking about people’s experience. If I am in the wrong place, please move.

I have an old kitty with what is believed to be inflammatory bowel disease (he has not been and will not be biopsied, but the vets say his intestines feel quite thick and hard when palpated from the outside). I don’t know for sure how old he is, but my best guess is 18. He has had diarrhea for the past month despite the use of flagyll and carafate. He REALLY can’t afford any weight loss as he also has hyperthyroidism (for which he is on tapazol) and is quite emaciated already. He has just started on a course of prednisone. He is also in kidney failure and on subcutaneous fluids. Boiled chicken and rice makes a barely perceptible improvement in his diarrhea, is not a good long term solution, and isn’t very palatable to him (and, obviously, he cannot afford to go without eating). Oddly enough, the vet has not recommended any particular long-term diet (although I will be asking him again on our next inevitable vet trip. It is costing me hundreds per month to keep kitty alive.)

So – cat owners, what do you feed your IBD kitty that he will eat and that seems to help with diarrhea? I don’t expect a miracle here, but you guys are a great resource and I’d feel stupid if I didn’t at least ask.

Sorry – I can’t post kitty pix as I don’t know how. And for anyone who is planning to post to suggest that I put Red the Cat down, please don’t bother. I know kitty and I are walking a fine line in terms of quality of life (and financial ruin, in my case), but he will let me know when it is time, and he has not yet let me know.

My cat is about 7 years old and she has IBD. We have had great luck with IVD Green Peas and Rabbit. It stopped her diarrhea completely. As a slight drawback, she does have a bit of gas on a regular basis and it and her litter box STINKS! Really bad. But better in there than on the carpet.

Good luck with your kitty!

Thanks! I assume IVD Green Peas and Rabbit is a prescription diet?

Yes, it is. We usually buy it through our vet but it appears you can get in online with a perscription. Hope this helps!

We used to have an elderly cat with IBD. We fed him IVD Green Peas & Venison cat food. The brand name is now Royal Canin [sic]. I’ve heard that Intestinal HE 30, from the same company, is also very good.

Rabbit, venison. Whew! They really aren’t kidding when they talk about “novel” food sources, are they? Thanks! : )

Not that novel; if you eat sausage regularly, you probably take in more than a negligible amount of rabbit.

ETA: No cite, but when my parents did some sort of novel diet that involved running tests to determine foods they had eaten that they had minor allergic reactions to, rabbit came up. Neither of them had any idea they had ever eaten rabbit.