What does your partner call you in bed?

Alternate Title: So What’s Your Fucking Name? :smiley:
Inspired by this thread.

So is it “Honey”, “Dearest”, “Studmuffin”, or something else?

Usually “You’re Snoring Again”


God. Usually “Oh God!!” Apparently I’m that good. :slight_smile:

Stallion or old fart, it depends on her mood. :smiley:

Since we alternate between freaky and lovy-dovey, she calls me asshole alot, plus other random derogatory terms. I call her bitch, whore, slut, hooker, piriguette (she’s Brazilian), etc.

During the lovy-dovey times, it’s the more normal sexy, baby, etc.


Sometimes followed by a “?”, sometimes followed by a “!”, depending on her mood.

Does my “partner” have to actually be my sex partner? Or can I just sleep platonically with my ballroom dance partner?

See alternate title in OP.

So, the fact that my chihuahua likes to nuzzle himself under the covers on my bed doesn’t count?

I certainly hope not! :smiley:

Spectacularsaurus Wrecks

… Or maybe not.

We have a one year old baby. So, I forget.

He generally loses the power of coherent speech :slight_smile:

She calls me “Slim”, a fond recollection of my youthful figure. I call her “Twinklebutt”.

“Oh, Baby!” just doesn’t mean the same as “Oh. Baby.”, does it?

No. No, I’m afraid it does not.

My wife occasionally asks me “are we going to have another one?” I reply “not at this rate.” Then I run.

Fast Eddy. I’m assuming it’s because she thinks I look like Paul Newman.

“What, you again?”


‘‘Late for dinner’’

Despite repeated requests not to do so.