What does your refrigerator door say about you?

Everybody I know has stuff on the fridge door. If a Forensic Refrigerator Door Analyst (GS13) was in your kitchen, what could they learn about you from your door?

That I’m clean and orderly because magnets don’t stick to stainless steel (they’d be wrong). If they looked that the side of my fridge however they’d find the remnants of skin on the neodymium I stopped playing with after I pinched myself one too many times.

Actually, come to think of it, if they looked at the other side, they’d find where I used those same neodymium magnets to balance a Hershey bottle upside down on top of another bottle to get the last little bit of it out…they’d be right in guessing that I go through a lot of Hershey’s syrup.

They could learn many of the places I’ve visited- I like collecting magnets from zoos, etc I’ve gone to. They would conclude that I love animals and what breeds of dogs I own/owned, from magnets & pictures. They would get a feel for my sense of humor from the cartoons I have stuck on it.

They would also be able to tell I am a slob from the dirt on it.

That I don’t exist.

Everything on there is the wife’s doing. I’m not a refrigerator door type.

They’d know the type of dogs I own. I just realized I have magnets with my their breeds on them. They’d know what museums I’ve been to. That I adore Betty Boop.

Calendar with when bills are due and appointments marked on it
A sheet of scrap paper with my bi-weekly budget

I guess I’m practical. The magnets holding everything up are: Blue Man Group, Lincoln Park Zoo, 4 very handy clips, and 5 with cat faces from work (holding up the full sized cat calendar from work).

That I like to travel. And Italian food from a local restaurant. And that I’m REALLY interested in the schedule of local sports teams from five years ago.
(It’s a magnet! I don’t care that it’s out of date…a new magnet would cost me…like…money!)


That I travel , which is wrong, my kid travels and buys mementos.

That I like cute. Wrong, my mum still thinks so and I love her.

That I have vastly different short term and long term goals. This week they’ll thnk I don’t achieve them because I’ve just re-written both lists which were getting hard to read for all the ticks, crossings out and 'woohoo!'s.

That I don’t enjoy housework, both from the light dirt (Cleaned occasionally, not regularly) and the magnet that says : You may touch the dust, but please don’t write in it.

Words to live by.

They’d learn a hell of a lot more accurate info from the corkboard round the corner.

That I have a ton of nieces and nephews and that I like to travel, and that my friends give me silly magnets as gifts.

If they opened the door and looked inside, they would see a bungy cord holding in all my condiments* because the plastic rail fell off years ago. I’d hate to know what impression that would give them.

[sub]*actually works very well, as I can get a whole lot more stuff in there. Should be an option on all refridgerators if you ask me. [/sub]

That I am going to see U-2 next month. :slight_smile:

Another magnet collector here. I have about 25% of my fridge covered, and more at work, including a couple of magnetic poetry sets.

It says I can’t be arsed to take off the stuff the last guy put on it.

My fridge decor would tell you that there are kids in my life (drawings and the like), that I have crafty/artistic friends (some of the magnets are crafted and a couple of hand drawn cards from artsy friends), that I have family (picture magnets), that I occasionally drink Celestial Seasonings teas (gimme magnets) and that I keep handy quite a few chip clips in various sizes (all on the side of the fridge). The number of magnets depicting cats indicates that I’ve cohabitated with the critters in the past.

That I like pizza. And I have a dentist’s appt. next week.

That I don’t live in America because my refrigerator is enclosed in a wood cabinet like nearly all other fridges in this country.

Umph. I have three owl magnets on my fridge, and a whiteboard with the grocery list. Most of my reminders are in my computer. For that matter, I generally write up the final grocery list on the computer and print it out, as my husband claims that he can no longer read my handwriting.

That we travel (and collect magnets on our travels), that we enjoy cartoons (my current favourite is John Cleese high-stepping with a title that says, “You can’t silly walk into Mordor!”), that we enjoy buying Groupons for restaurants, and what our local vet store is (we’ve got a lot of magnets from them). And we have friends and my husband has a family (from the pictures).

It wants to know why I put food coupons on the door for later use but forget about them until one day after they expire. My refrigerator door seems to believe this is illogical and counterproductive. I suspect it’s texting other refrigerator doors on the block and ridiculing me.

My front door suggested I unplug it but these two have never gotten along. I suspect it’s hinge envy.

That I know someone who runs an antique shop in Milford, ME.
That I’m planning on renting a car by the hour at some point.
That I haven’t (shit!) filed taxes from last year or the year before yet.
That like many people after the quake, my real estate clippings feature ad copy like “LOW FLOOR UNITS AVAILABLE!”
That I’m looking to get some tasty Indian cuisine delivered at some point.
That I purchased some item from Isetan department store last October, and got a receipt with my friend’s name on it so she can claim it on her taxes.

It says that (a) I have a six-year-old and (b) I never throw anything away.