What does your refrigerator door say about you?

The outside says “I’m not magnetic and my owner can’t stick stuff on me, mwahahahaha!”

The inside says “my owner’s roomie buys lots of preserves that he never opens”.

The roomie is leaving sometime during this month (he just got the keys to his house), I’m redoing the kitchen and the new fridge will by Jove have a magnetic door!

I’m boring. I don’t keep anything on my fridge.

That I live in an area where the ambulance chasing lawyers really like to give away fridge magnets and I aint too proud to use em.

We got our fridge used, and accepted it sight unseen after a phone call. We were told it was a black fridge with the double doors. I’d been wanting a bigger freezer so this sounded perfect.

When Mig brought it home, the first thing I noticed was the spray paint. And the places where they’d decided spray paint wasn’t necessary. And then I opened my mighty freezer and saw there were no shelves. I’m not real picky though. I’m happy with it. But even I have to admit it looks like shit.

So I’ve covered the side with no paint with artwork from my daughter. Got lots of magnets including one of those phrase kits. This one was from The Office. My favorite magnet says “That’s what she said.”

The front of the fridge has more art work, a few photos and about half a dozen scribbled recipes.

The other side is an experiment. We have this really strong thick magnet and we’ve decided to see how many sheets of paper we can stick under it. I think we’re up to about fifteen sheets right now, mostly doodles and phone numbers.

I think my fridge is a lot like my life. Scarred up but still working okay, untidy but not dirty. Lots of stuff going on.
Always with that low hum going on in the background.

There is nothing decorating my fridge. (I’ve owned it for ten years now.)

Now you know somebody who doesn’t have stuff on the fridge door.

They’d learn my full, exact name. I go by shortened versions and on the last day of an old job I hated, I stole the mailbox name tag magnet because, I figured, it would be the only time I could have a magnet with my name on it. My name isn’t anything you see on a trinket at Disneyland. They’d learn the name of my alma mater and the time/date/location of my next hair appointment. Not that this would do anyone any good, but they’d also see that I may be considering a subscription to a certain magazine, as evidenced by an advertised discount pinned between the fridge door and a small magnetic black pepper grinder.

They’d be able to find out who I am, but they wouldn’t learn anything interesting about me.

That I love to make lists (five magnetic list pads on the side)

I love MagPo. Probably have three sets on my fridge, including the dirty set. My boyfriend left me a note saying “iron genital device” once that made me giggle.

The MagPo starts about 3.5 feet up so the toddler can’t reach it. The bottom half of the fridge clearly says “I have a toddler.” Letter magnets, Thomas the Tank Engine…

I have a few magnets from places I’ve visited and a magnetic penguin bottle opener on there, too. I love my fridge.

That I like to order from Fatzo’s sub shop.

That I like beer (stickers from the microbrewery I visited while in CO).

Stuff doesn’t stay on the fridge for long. It’s right by the back door, so papers and the like usually get blown off.

My fridge

Milk, eggs, vanilla extract, ice (I need to defrost it - yes it’s that old it needs to be defrosted)

So I guess it says -> “bachelor”

that i had dirty hands last time i touched it.

This is on your fridge door? :dubious:

There is nothing on my door by fingerprints.

Jeez…that my kids are going to surpass Picasso is the right answer.

The door was once covered, and I mean covered, with magnets, clippings, cartoons, photos, cards, lists, calendars - you name it. Like the one in the Everybody Loves Raymond kitchen… Now, it has some of the more touching ‘Mutts’ comics - the ones with quotations for Earth Day, or Thanksgiving. (I just love ‘Mutts’ to death.) A couple of zingy ‘Pearls Before Swine’ comics. A couple of ‘Get Fuzzy’ snarkies (there was also one I put up after 9/11, of Bucky in the kitchen that he had decorated with balloons and badly spelled ‘thank you’ signs, waiting for Rob and Satchel to come back from donating blood. It made me cry, so of course I cut it out and taped it up so I could cry over and over). A LOL cat I printed out saying “Happy Cat has run out of Happy”, and another LOL cat saying “You make Kitty scared”. And cat magnets, nothin’ but cat magnets. My default birthday presents!

Going by my refrigerator magnets, it can be seen that I:

[li]Like cats.[/li][li]Have been to a gift shop in Bath.[/li][li]Have been to at least 2 Star Trek conventions this past decade.[/li][li]Am concerned about whom to call in case of accidental poisoning,[/li][li]Am too lazy to bother changing Michaelangelo’s David out of his Santa Claus costume and into something more suitable for summertime.[/li][/ul]

Nothing. It’s been wiped clean.

It would say:

that I’m not all that concerned about what’s on the fridge, since the pictures are years-old ones of a couple of my kids. Oh, and one of a niece at Homecoming (she’s thirty-one now).

the name of the plumber we use and that we’ve used them more than once.

that I’m a fond grandma of a toddler. The sheet of loose-leaf paper with his random winter stickers on it (from the Highlights ad that came in the mail) is still on there, because he was quite proud of “my 'stickers”.

There’s a calendar with dates ringed.

It’s secured by an English bobby, a Bumble Bee tuna fish. a small stuffed polar bear and an oversized Heineken cap which is also a bottle opener. Also featured is a small green mirror with a shamrock in the corner.

I’m English, Irish, drink beer, like fish, ring dates cryptically … do my makeup in front of the fridge … the bear seems a little out of character, but it seems the most appropriate place for it.

It would say:
I have a old fashioned list of phone numbers for 75 or so people who are important to me. many of these are out of date and probably useless.

there are various bits of children’s artwork

a gift certificate for a hair salon has not been used…yet.

The owner has a warped sense of humor, based on the comics posted.

That my fridge isn’t magnetic.