What does your username say about you?

In 2002 I joined an on-line fantasy NASCAR league. Baseball is my #1 sport, though, so in an effort to combine my affinity for both Baseball and Racing, I chose as my user name “Diamond Wheels.” I got some ribbing that the name sounded like a pimp and/or gay; hence the “Diamond” part only lasted one season. But I kept the “Wheels” part, which – I don’t recall exactly when or why – morphed into “Wheelz” at some point. (This year my team name is “World of Wheelz.”)

So now, whenever I join something new, I just use “Wheelz” because it’s easy to remember, if not all that creative.

I have a friend named Wheels, but it’s because he’s in a wheelchair. . . .LOL.

So I’m glad you clarified.

Anaamika means “anonymous” in Hindi, and when I changed my username, I wanted something that I came up with myself. It didn’t have to be original or anything, just something that wasn’t a pun or a joke stolen from elsewhere. So I took it.

Mine goes back to the first time I logged into an IRC service and needed to pick a name on the spot. I guess there was an R.E.M. CD next to me at the time …

Well, I’ve been reading your name “wrong” for quite a while…
My name says I have no imagination.

Wait, you’re actually G. Lee? I had no idea, all these years. I always assumed your named was simply an expression of happiness.

I’m one of the boring ones. Aside from a brief foray into creative handles in the BBS days, I’ve been JSexton on the internet since 1993.

I spend as much time as possible floating in a boat, usually a kayak.

First name Geddy by any chance?

If so, then, yeah, I’d use an expression of happiness. Who wouldn’t be happy to be Geddy Lee?

I like random useless bits of trivia. Like the names of the three smallest bones in the human body.

Well, I use my real name. I’ve never seen another one, so its as unique as any made up ones.

Juliana was my handle on an adult BBS: she was a character I created for a BDSM storyline.

My username says that I have something that you can’t resist. Unfortunately, I don’t even know that you exist.

That I’m a Star Wars geek, and that I was born in 1965. :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to misrepresent myself; in fact, I admit to being dense enough that this never even occured to me! :smack:

'Course, I’ve used it as a “name” for long enough now that I don’t even see the literal meaning of the word anymore.

I had theorized that you worked in an office supply store, selling ink and staples. Hadn’t worked out “Malleus” though… maybe the store was in a mall?

Funny how very wrong I was.

I guess my unsername is more of a title really.

I don’t know, you tell me. :wink:

I’m on the right.

I changed my name to this one because he’s my fav. video game character. It’s also how I met my college roommate but that’s another story.

You’d think that my username means that I’m a big Dave Sim fan. Actually, my husband is the fan. I was just struck by the silliness of a venerable hotel having its own floaty, glowing resident elf who looks like Debbie Harry and advises an angry aardvark.

There is no question that I am lazy and [username]. About the time I was subscribing I was also realizing that my son takes after me in the regard, in spades, and so the point was driven home to me. Shows that it’s genetic I suppose.