What DON'T you use that everyone else does?

Smartphone. Not so much due to lack of interest or cheapness, but rather I’m waiting for my current phone to break in some fashion- I’ve had it 5 years, and it seems to be the Energizer Bunny of cell phones- I can drop it, throw it, step on it, etc… and it just keeps on going. Whoever designed the Samsung Rugby did an amazing job of making it durable, even for a “rugged” phone.

I very, very rarely post on Facebook.

I don’t use margarine- it’s butter, oil or shortening in my kitchen, not some kind of weird bastard child of all 3.

Never owned or used a hairbrush (just push it down with my hands after a shower)


A sugar bowl. Why would you put sugar on stuff?

Salad dressing. I like the taste of the veggies. That’s all I want to taste. If your salad is too bland, stop buying iceberg lettuce and such.

Clothes dryer. If it were up to me, indoor heating (when I lived alone, the coldest it ever got indoors was 47 ºF, which was fine with me).

No makeup - never learned how to put it on, and never really cared anyway.
No smartphone - my husband has one, but my very basic cell phone lives in my car in case of emergency on the road.
No hair conditioner - just don’t see the point. In fact, other than shampoo and a comb, I don’t have anything for dealing with my hair.

I use paper towels as plates for sammiches or to clean up gifts from the critters. If there’s a spill or something that needs to be scrubbed, I’ve got towels and dishcloths to deal with it, so I don’t care how tough and strong the paper towel is.

I do have a clothes dryer, but I prefer to hang my laundry outside. The dryer is for when hanging out isn’t possible or practical.

Cell or smart phone, Facebook/Twitter, dishwasher, camera (digital or otherwise), fabric softener, milk, hair conditioner, kitchen table (I live alone and just eat at the counter).

Dishwasher- there was one in my old house, never got used.
Smart phone,
Make up (okay there’s a few random bits somewhere around, bought for fancy dress nights),

I don’t have a washing machine or dryer, but only because I can’t afford to replace the one that broke, so I don’t think that counts.

Cable television.

I have test driven it when I have stayed in hotels and when visiting my sister. It seems to me that it provides a more diverse selection of poor programming and crap shows. It also seems to take much longer to determine that everything currently showing is crap.

Smartphone (and I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of people here who don’t have one).
TIVO (not even sure what it is).
XBox, Playstation, or any other gaming device, although I do play some games on the PC.
More than one TV.

Health insurance
A mortgage
A car payment
Life insurance
An employer retirement plan
Paid vacation
Paid sick days

I do too. I use toilet paper or one of my ubiquitous, cheap, white towels or wash clothes. Get them at Costco 24 for $10, at least that’s what they were 5 years ago, the last time I had to buy them.

Isn’t SDMB a form of social media?

I also don’t have children, life insurance, car payments, milk, sugar, salt, or Cable (or other form of entertainment media sent to my home). I do have a flat screen TV that we have for movies and Netflix.
Most of these, I think, are less commonly used than they once were.

I do have life and health insurance, and I need extra sodium so salt is a necessity for me. Real Salt is what I use.

Didn’t have kids, though and I drove my car off the lot paid for.

My 403B is in a money market, because I considered myself retired at age 47 and I am not gambling with my money. I actually did do some gambling a few weeks ago, because I had a $5 coupon at a local casino. I came out $4 ahead, and found it just as boring as I always did.

I forgot to mention television; I haven’t watched any in years.

A smartphone. Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or any of that stuff.

Don’t drive a car, or have a driver’s licence. Don’t drink.
Don’t keep up with sports. Never wake to an alarm clock. Always work walking distance from my house. Have never owned bathroom scales. My only photo ID is an expired passport, at the moment.

I’m always the first/only one with this: toothpaste.


I’ve never sent or received a text message. I wouldn’t know how.


ATMs. Never have, ever.

GPS. Prefer paper maps.

Salt & pepper


With the ubiquity of everyday foods/condiments just overloaded with sodium already, why on earth do you need extra sodium?