What "household necessities" do you never actually use?

I just cut my hand on a foil wrapper and went to get a band-aid because I was making ice cream and didn’t want to bleed into my ice cream. The box was from Canada (I could tell because everything was repeated in French). We left Canada 5 1/2 years ago, and the box of 40 still had 24 left (subtracting the one I used). What’s more, it’s quite possible that box is the box we bought on first moving to Canada, in December 1997 :eek: And yet, it would feel weird living in a house where you knew there were no band-aids, just because, you know, who the hell doesn’t own band-aids?!


I never use tweezers. I know some people who can’t live a weekend without them. I don’t have problem eyebrows or other auxilary hair, so I never really use them.

(I go through band-aids like crazy, though. I should probably be more careful.)

Bandaids. I’d been away at school for over 2 and a half years without needing a bandaid and then my hamster bit me. It was deep. Nothing like having to walk to 7-11 at midnight to buy bandaids for a cut that still hadn’t stopped bleeding after 30 minutes. The box of bandaids minus the one I used is sitting downstairs.

Curtains. My house doesn’t have anything obstructing the view through the windows. I love the natural light and don’t tend to parade around in the buff.

Garbage bags. The plastic bags I get at the supermarket fit my trash cans perfectly.

Dràno. Never had a clog here. <crosses fingers>

Damn it! You could have said that before and saved me all the hours I’ve spent sitting here w/ binoculars. :wink:


If it isn’t at least cord, it’s worthless.

Salt. I never salt my food and don’t cook much so I still have the canister of salt I bought when I first mover out 21 years ago. And it’s half full.

Blender. We got one as a wedding gift five years ago. I remember using it twice - both times to blend up broccoli-leek soup.

Wash cloths. I never saw the point of them. I can soap up just fine in the shower with my hands.

Clothing irons. I’m pretty sure I own one-- IIRC, I got one at my wedding shower, but damned if I know where it is. Somewhere in storage, I imagine.

I don’t see the purpose in ironing clothes, even having been raised by a woman who irons her blue jeans. I just throw wrinkled things into the dryer with a damp cloth for a few minutes or use Downy Wrinkle Release.

I never use my dishwasher or my clothes dryer. My hands and a drying rack suffice nicely, and save on electricity.

Same as Lissa, I’ve never used my iron. I suppose I might have to learn if I ever became a professional instead of a blue-collar worker, but that’s not very likely.

Well…that’s not quite true, I have used it to get spilled candle wax out of the carpet. That’s not it’s intended usage, though, so I’m sticking with my submission.

I went for nearly a decade without buying/using paper towels. Never felt it inconvienent to use a dishcloth to wipe up spills or use a dishtowel to dry my hands, and I got to feel all smug that I wasn’t needlessly wasting trees. Then my sister bought me a cutesy paper-towel holder that matched my kitchen decor, likely because she was tired of not having them available here, and they’re a regular household item now.

My husband’s dress shirts look just fine after a tumble in the dryer or a spritz of Wrinkle Release.

My mother is utterly appalled by this. Her husband wears t-shirts and jeans to work, but she carefully irons them. The notion that I would simply shake out my husband’s dress shirts and call it good horrifies her. (Well, hell, they’re under the suit coat where no one sees them anyway!)

I do the same with the clothes I wear to work. (Best described as “business casual.”) If they’re so wrinkled that my usualy methods won’t take care of it, I’ll either re-wash it, or hold it over the teakettle for a moment or two.

Toilet plunger

(Please do not smite me, oh Toilet Gods!)

Microwave. I’ve never owned one, pans and stove-tops work fine for me.

Ah. I realized I missed the point of the OP. Something I have on hand but almost never use: Land-line Telephone.

The ringer is permanently turned off, and I don’t have voice mail or anything. But I can’t bring myself to rely 100% on my cell phone, so I keep the land line for “emergencies,” whatever those may be.

…yes, voting on American Idol counts as an “emergency”…

Hairdryers. I’ve used them occasionally to dry out a quick spill or some cleaned clock parts, but never really need it for humans (or dogs!)

Cotton balls. There’s a bag of 'em under the bathroom sink. Been there forever.

Put me down with the iron group. We own one, but I don’t think I’ve ever used it. Ditto the blender, except I threw that thing out years ago.