What DON'T you use that everyone else does?

I don’t buy or use paper towels. I use cloth towels that I wash and bleach. I also use cloth napkins.
I also don’t have or want a dishwasher or cell phone.
How about you?

I don’t own a digital camera, and even though I’m on Facebook, I have no idea how to post pictures online.

Q-tips. I’ve never used them. I’ve always preferred tissue paper.

I’m the only person in the lab without a smartphone.

Napkins. We have a bunch of cloth ones we wash.

spel chek

I probably wouldn’t buy paper towels if I didn’t have two cats who throw up occasionally.

Makeup (yes I’m female)
Hair color (I’m over 50)
Dishwasher - tho that may not count 'cuz if I had one that worked I’d use it.
Anything baby or kid related

Salt. I bought some once for a science project and that’s all it’s ever been used for. Not that I never like salty food, but I don’t add it to anything.

I don’t use a smartphone, even though I think they’re super cool and very useful. I just am not away from my wifi enough to justify paying the $30/mo minimum extra it’d cost to get one.

I don’t use milk in my boxed macaroni & cheese. I don’t even use the full amount of butter. I don’t buy Kraft either, I buy the store brand.

Freezer - it broke down and I every time I get near to replacing it, a whacking great bill comes along

Washing machine - Its pretty much as cheap to use the laundrette, especially when you add in the energy costs, and cost of maintenance and repair.

Tumble dryer - see ‘washing machine’

Digital camera - keep thinking about getting one, but the desire comes and goes, and it never seems to coincide to times when I have the money - I guess you always want stuff when you can’t afford it, and when you can, you don’t want it any more.

Like the poster above, it broke one day and by the time my lazy ass got around to seriously consider buying a new one I realized I really didn’t miss it.

Social media. I’ve thought about it, but my best friends don’t use it either so it’s sort of point less. Oh I tried FaceBook for a while, and kept getting friended by obscure people that frankly, I don’t care about.

Damn, I think I use everything that everyone else does. Napkins, paper towels, q-tips, microwave, dishwasher…

Oh, I know: Fabric softener, liquid and sheets. I hate that stuff.


I don’t have/use:

  1. dishwasher
  2. garbage disposal
  3. smartphone (I do have a cell, but it’s a stupidphone)
  4. make up (I’m a woman)
  5. social media

Maybe some other stuff I don’t recall off hand.

I don’t use fabric softener either, especially now that I know what it’s made from.

I’m told that I often fail to use “common sense” …but I seem to have a plethora of all the other “modern” conveniences.

Wait! I don’t have a …oh, yeah, I do …hmmm

No cellphone, no digital camera, no microwave. I have two landlines, one is my ancient rotary dial phone.

A doctor.

I don’t have a doctor. I don’t get checkups. I don’t get sick. Can’t remember the last time I have been to one. (I’m 45, FWIW.)