What Dope story do you want to know more of?

So, this has probably been resolved in some other thread that I missed, or the poster moved on, or who knows what - but I was just thinking today of the poor guy who was a doctoral candidate, I want to say in Georgia or Alabama or maybe Florida, who was a plant geneticist, who couldn’t get his plants to genetic? Like, he couldn’t get DNA out of them, and abandoning it to do something else was this huge thing which meant abandoning years of work, and he’d been to a couple different labs to work with experts on it and didn’t get anywhere, and he was afraid this was it for his Ph.D.? Who was that, and did he ever get those plants to give it up? I was thinking about it because, god, what a shitty situation.

So, whose story have you wondered about the resolution? (And whose questions can we lay to rest?)

Paper-towel tube geometry and fluid dynamics.

Dr. Ogre got his Ph.D. :slight_smile:

I always want to know what becomes of Pauly001’s latest escapades. Did he keep the television or get on a bus and return it? Did he go to Mexico to get his dental work? Did his building get a new router?

Everything in that guy’s life is 110% traumatic but we never hear the resolution!

I want to find out what happened to **John Carter of Mars’ **granddaughter. But he hasn’t started a thread here since then and that was in 2009 so my guess is we won’t find out what happened there.

Every day I wake up and check my email, hoping that there’s an update to the Ron Thread.

I would love to know what became of Liberal/Libertarian.

I’m always happy to see an update from SurrenderDorothy. Hope things are going better for her, these days.

When PSXer first started posting here, a lot of his OP’s would end with “My friend wants to know.” He doesn’t do that anymore. I want to know what happened to PSXer’s friend.

Maybe there’s nothing more he wishes to tell but Sampiro’s tales about his mom and other disfunctional realatives were worthy of a novel.

Any thread he may start in the future about his family will have Bubbadog as an avid reader.

I want to know what happened with **MeanOldLady’s **loud neighbor.

Years ago, someone wrote their ex’s parents a letter letting them know they had a granddaughter, who was around 12 or 13 at that point. I’ve always wondered if she ever heard back from them.

Unless I missed it, Nikki tikki tavi hasn’t come back to tell us how her breakup shook out in the end.

And remember want2befree? She posted about her struggle to stop drinking, then broke off communications.

I would love to hear any new story from Scylla.

Sadly, the answer to that one is probably the obvious one. For the last year or two of his activity, he was in very poor health, and I think he even mentioned a prognosis of less than a year.

Seconded :slight_smile:

I don’t have time to find the thread, but years ago there was a thread on decapitated ducks in someone’s town. I always wondered if the creep was ever caught.

We are all still waiting to find out what was in LurkerInNJ’s secret video.

Didf anybody ever track down the guy who left his wallet buried in a wall?

I’ve often wondered what happened to Mouse Maven. She was in a precarious position with her research lab position because her boss was, IIRC, going elsewhere and taking the grant money with him. Then she had a baby and stopped posting.

yes. I can’t find the thread, but I do recall his family appeared or some such thing