What double bill will our kids be going to 30 years from now?

I went to see Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire in concert last night and they kicked ass. In the parking lot one guy turned to his wife and said, “Do you think our kids will be listening to Eminem and JayZ in 30 years?”
Chicago and EW&F filled Jones Beach theater-- that’s 14,000. Which two of today’s bands could do the same?

As long as Beyonce can find two other singers, Destiny’s Grandchild will keep touring.

Radiohead will probably still have the power to fill a theater thirty years down the line.

A while ago I might have said I’d hope for a Radiohead/R.E.M. double bill, but now I’m just praying desperately that R.E.M. will break the fuck up already.

U2. They refuse to go away. Bono and Edge can find two other warm bodies and they’ve got a gig. Better Than Ezra and Cowboy Mouth will probably still be touring together, too.

Tom Waits will still be writing and performing amazing music, even if he becomes a cyborg in the future.