What drink should I get me drunk with?

Calling all drunk dopers. It’s the weekend again and I plan to get drunk for no good reason. Okay, maybe a couple of drinks at least. Now my problem is that I am really just a novice at drinking at bars (drinking binges, thats a different matter). I want to try out as many different cocktails, margaritas et al. as I can. But my knowledge is limited, so I was hoping yall could help me out with a few suggestions here.

Incidentally, my favourite one so far out of my limited repertoire is the Bloody Mary. And the Mind Eraser’s pretty nice too.

IMHO, there’s no better way to kick off an intentional drunk than with a couple of tall-boy Long Island Ice Teas. YMMV.

Also, anything involving copious amounts of Wild Turkey 101 would be a good candidate.


Try a “chocolate cake shot.” I think they’re made with Frangelico and vanilla vodka, or something like that. They’re yummy, anyway.

Well, a Ceasar is sort of like a Bloody Mary with balls, but they may be hard to come by in your localle. (From what I can gather they’re mostly a Canadian thing.)

Yummy though.

I’m hooked on the Cadillac Margarita lately.

It’s just like a regular Margarita, but

  1. Replace tequila with Gold Tequila
  2. Replace Triple Sec with Cointreau
  3. Add a shot of Grand Marinier



Nothing beats ice cold shots of Jagermeister on tap. I second the Long Island Ice Teas too, so long as your not planning on driving home!


I third the Long Island Ice Teas. No icky liquor taste so they’re easy to git down the hatch. My bartender friends tell me that if you use top shelf liquors (slightly more expensive) the hangovers are less awful.

Personally, the one time I experimented with Jagermeister, I wound up sleeping on the bathrrom floor so I’d advise not going that route…

I once broke my ankle just before shoving off on a river excursion; I went anyway. We stopped off at a river bar, after much complaining on my part for a pain reliever, where I had 6 (or 10?) Rum Runners. I walked back to the boat. (I am not proud of this fact, for I did further damage to my ankle to be sure, but Boy, what a drink!)

Q - Re: What drink should I get me drunk with?

A - All of them, thou dolt!

btw - what is a Mind Eraser?

(In the sense of it being a “proper name” with capital letters, I mean, not just any old mind eraser.

Second thought, being in the U.K., I’d only get the name wrong and ask for a Mind Rubber, I suppose. :confused:

Baltimore Zoo- (Long Island, and then some)

Equal parts:
Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, Rum, Amaretto, Southern Comfort, and Tia Maria (1/2 oz each)

2 oz. Sweet and Sour mix (bar lemon), 4 oz. Cranberry Juice

Shaken , served over ice. Small draft beer on the side(3-4oz.) Now for the kicker- Pour the beer in the cocktail. Trust me, it tastes better with the beer.

Heh heh - I know abt the ‘eraser’ vs. ‘rubber’ part. I was forewarned before I came to America. As far Mind Eraser being a proper name…isn’t it? For a drink?
Well, whatever. I think I’ll definitely start with the Long Island Iced tea tonight. A friend bet me I couldn’t walk after three of those.
What say chaps?
I’ll lose, right?

I’m surprised nobody mention Roman Coke.

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Nah, you should be OK on three. I hardly ever drink and I can do three ice teas. Don’t get me wrong…you’ll be drunk, but not falling down drunk. Of course, all bets are off if you drink shots or beer, or smoke a little pot at the same time. :smiley:


It’s all about the White Russian, baby. I’d also go with the Long Island, a Cosmopolitan, a Cadillac Margarita…

If you’re feeling feisty, order a “Golden Nail”. It’s actually something that you shoot, though, but damn, is it tasty… and it’ll fuck you up. Or, if you’re feeling totally crazy, order a Gorilla Fart, so-named because that’s what it tastes like. However, it will FUCK YOU UP big time.

'Course, I’m the type that’ll just buy a bottle of Ciclon (the GOD of low-priced booze) and call it a night…

The Moscow Mule is a tasty drink that’s not too obscure.

If you really want to hurt yourself, you could order a “Bar Mat”. I’d tell you what’s in it, but the, uh, recipe varies. :slight_smile:

There was this drink I got in Spain, and I’m not exactly sure what it was, but I think it was blue and had vodka in it. I think it was vodka and blue rum, with whipped cream on the top. Very good.

Of course, most vodka-based drinks seem to be pretty good, too.

An Irish Car Bomb is one of my favorites, a good “event drink” to do with friends to start off a night of drinkin’. It requires:

One 2/3-full pint of Guinness.

One shot glass with:
1/2 Jamison’s Irish whiskey.
1/2 Bailey’s Irish Creme Liqueur.

When everyone is ready, count to 3 and drop your shot glass INTO your pint (don’t pour it in, just drop the entire glass).

Then CHUG, like you’ve never chugged before, or the Guinness and Bailey’s will curdle and become all nasty.

If you’re fast, it tastes not unlike chocolate milk, it gives a helluva early buzz, and you all will be the center of attention at the bar.

I’m not a heavy drinker, but I love Sour Apple Martinis. It tastes more like candy than liquor. My most recent favorite is the Absolut Stress, which is absolutely delicious.

be cheap, get a straw :smiley: