What eBay feedback should I leave?

I got a glass item in yesterday’s mail that broke in transit. My feeling is that it broke because of how the seller packaged it. It’s a piece with a lid and the seller didn’t wrap the lid separately from the base and the lid cracked off a piece of the base. The seller has been uncommunicative throughout the process and has not responded to an emailed request that we work something out. I’m willing to keep the piece but think the seller should pay at least some of the costs of repairing it. Assuming that he doesn’t agree either to take the piece back or help fix it, is negative feedback warranted? I can’t prove that it was the bad packing job that led to the breakage, but I have received two of the same piece with the lids wrapped separately and neither of them was at all damaged. What say ye?

What are his other feedbacks like?

How long have you waited for a response?

Lids need to be wrapped. He did a bad packing job.

His feedback is good. It’s been a couple of days. He’s already left me positive feedback. I’m at this point leaning toward neutral feedback unless he flat-out fails to respond in which case I’d leave negative.

being a glass item, of course you’d * assume* the seller would pack it appropriately. It’s e-bay and with it comes some risks. If insurance was offered in the final arrangements and declined, I would expect no compensation for repairs.

I would leave negative feed back saying something like “Poorly packaged item broke in transit.” Nuff said.

The feedback others have left him and the feedback he left you are irrelevant, IMO. They have nothing to do with the cause of the problem, which is his improper packing of your item.

I sense you may be feeling guilty about posting the seller negative feedback and may be using his positive feedback (his own and to you) as a reason to not give him negative comments. If this is true, I urge you not to do this-- if you feel the circumstances deserve a negative response, then by all means, post it. Consider it a way of warning future customers of his that the guy has poor-packing tendencies. You may save someone similar hassle.

Personally, I would give him a couple days to respond. If he does and offers to take it back or help with the repair cost, give a neutral response. After all, the problem could have been avoided if he had packed it properly. If you get no response or he tells you you’re on your own, I think a negative response is warranted. It was his carelessness, and not yours, that caused the item to break.

eBay always says you should try to settle disputes between buyer and seller. You paid good money for an item that is now broken, due to the seller’s faulty packaging. Your seller should refund your money in speedy fashion. If your seller will not address your complaint, your only recourse is to leave negative feedback. eBay can only function well if both parties live up to their responsibilities.

If your seller does reply and does refund your money, leave positive feedback that reflects this. . . something like “Item arrived broken, but seller sent prompt refund.”

Good luck!

The deed is done. He responded to my email to the effect of YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO BUY INSURANCE I NEVER HAD ANYTHING BREAK BEFORE I THINK I PACKED IT GOOD and yes he did email me in all caps and little punctuation. So I left him negative feedback stating “Item arrived damaged because of seller’s shoddy packing.” If he responds to defend himself my reply will be “Next time you ship a 2-piece item, cushion the pieces separately.”

I don’t like leaving negative feedback. I think I’ve only ever done it once before and that was with a book that took forever to ship and was missing pages when I got it. In this case I think it was warranted. Had I not been the recipient of two identical items in the past that arrived undamaged I probably would have left a neutral.

You did the right thing. This is a seller other buyers should beware of. I hate to leave negative feedback as well. . . only did it once when I bought a Herman Miller Aeron chair at a very good price, only to have the seller be non-communicative for days and then want to charge a sky-high price for shipping. I bargained him down on that, but the chair arrived missing a screw! Buyer in effect told me to f–k off! So I let him have it in feedback!