What event was I watching in this old b/w newsreel (water gushing out of a diving sphere)?

Years and years ago I saw some old black and white newsreel footage showing a bathysphere which, I suppose, had suffered some sort of mishap and filled with water while it was submerged. The footage showed the big diving ball on a pier or the deck of a ship while some guys popped open a small window or hatch. Water shot out of the opening like a fire hose!

What the heck was I seeing, and what were the circumstances and date of the incident? Anybody know?

Thanks all, in advance.

It was the testing of the first deep sea diving “bell” and it leaked. It filled with water under pressure so when it was brought up and the bolts around the window removed the water shot out like a cannon.

I remember such footage, but cannot find it
The Official William Beebe Web Sitecontains this improbable factoid about Bathysphere failures:

Light only travels at about 11.8 inches per nanosecond. Water, even under pressure, is probably slower.

Also, here’s a nice song about a bathysphere.

Wasn’t a bathysphere used to explore the Mariana Trench?

Yes. The Trieste.Once, in 1969 for twenty minutes.

The Trieste was a bathyscaphe, though.

And it was in 1960.

1969 was the first Moon landing. *Trieste *on the moon; now that’s an image the Moon-hoaxers would go crazy over.

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