What ever happened to "Hot Dr. Pepper"

As advertised by Dick Clark on American Bandstand Years ago.
I tried it once. Too syrupy.

I’m tired of Coffee, tea, sodas all the ordinary stuff and alcohol is frowned upon as a beverage at break.

Anyone have a new favorite they have been trying?

See, what you’re doing wrong is you aren’t putting a squeeze of lemon juice in it, which cuts the syrupy consistency.

I remember a tv commercial for this innovative beverage extension featuring a mountain climber trapped on a mountain. The abominable snowman shows up, the mountaineer holds up a cup of steaming brown liquid and quaveringly says, “Hot Dr Pepper with lemon?” The yeti accepts and decides not to eat the mountaineer after all.

grin man, I hadn’t thought of that in years and years. You bastard.

No, you are supposed to FLOAT a lemon slice in it. It’s EVER so much more festive that way.

No, you are supposed to FLOAT a lemon slice in it. It’s EVER so much more festive that way.

The commercial I remember had a French Canadian trapper stocking up for the winter.

“But Pierre”, asks his friend, looking at all the Dr. Pepper, “What will you do in the winter?”

“Then,” Pierre answers in an atrocious French accent," I weel dreenk my Dr. Pepper hot— with lemon!"

The losing shot shows Pierre heating up a skillet of Dr. Pepper, with lemon slices floating in it.

I never knew anyone who tried this.

From a culinary standpoint I’d have to agree that that would be the losing shot.

This reminds me very little of sleeping among the tall redwoods at King’s Canyon in the Sierra Nevadas. I was all of 5 or 7 years old.

Hot Dr. Pepper in the morning. Yup, I remember.

Mind you this was my father’s idea and he would voluntarily eat a TV Dinner.

The fact that you haven’t seen that ad in years should suggest the success Dr. Pepper had when they ran it.

My family tried it, too. It tasted like hot Dr. Pepper.
With a lemon floating in it.
Not really in the same league as, say, hot apple cider w/a cinnamon stick or hot chocolate. Give Dr. Pepper an “E” for effort in trying to increase winter sales once long ago.

Would you settle for Hot Dr. Paprika?

Didn’t think so. :frowning:

Has anybody seen that movie Blast from the Past? Hot Dr. Pepper was one of their treats, at least until Mom got into the cooking sherry.

There are entirely too many periods in this thread.

I’d rather have a hot doctor than just about anything else. But I think heating you in a frying pan and stuffing a lemon in yer arse isn’t going to solve the problem put forth in the OP.


:smiley: I was wondering if someone would mention that!

Long live Dr Pepper!

Funny somewhat realated story about flaming dr peppers (shot). For those not familiar with flaming dr peppers, here is how it works;

Well I have a friend who recently turned 21 and was out at a bar and very drunk. Someone suggested they get a flaming dr pepper and he agreed. He had never had one before and no one bothered to explain the procedure to him as they were all pretty wasted. The bartender put the beer and the shot in front of him, and lit the shot. My buddy picked up the shot and chugged it while the shot glass was still on fire instead of dropping it into the beer! His goatee caught on fire and his friends just laughed at him because they were too drunk to react. He extinguished the flame and damage was minimal but it makes for months of quality jokes. Just thought I would share it with you fine folks.
Now back to your regularly scheduled thread. :slight_smile:

I would just like to smugly point out that I spelled it correctly.

I also like hot Cherry Coke in the winter, and hot Ginger Ale. Vernor’s still advertises that here.

This a complete and utter ripoff of the Flaming Moe episode of The Simpsons. You should be ashamed! Make up your own jokes! You Liar! Lying liar! Liar liar liar, you liar!

I had some just this afternoon. But we’re getting the fridge fixed tomorrow.

Merc, Believe me, I would not have wasted the 20 minutes it took to type this just to ‘make up’ a joke. It didn’t happen at flaming moes but rather at barnacles in brandon florida. If you don’t believe me well… I don’t care :slight_smile: