What ever happened to Matthias Rust?

What ever happened to Matthias Rust?

Call me ignorant, but who’s Mathias Rust?

Matthias Rust was 19 years old in 1987 when he flew from Germany to Moscow in a rented Cessna 172 and landed in Red Square. He was arrested, but I think Gorbachev let him go not long after.

I was just wondering what he’s been up to since then. Is he still flying? What’s he do for a living? Did he get dead in a horrible autobahn crash?

He’s got something called Orion and Isis going.


Sounds ominous! :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s probably just imperfect translation. :wink: Actually…

It sounds like a noble endeavor. Maybe someone should let O&I work on the present situation between Dubya and Saddam…

Thanks for the link, Ringo.

He was also convicted in 1991 of “attempted manslaughter” in Germany. Go to washingtonpost.com and search the archives for his name. You have to subscribe to get the whole article, but you can read the first paragraph without subscription.

Whenhe went back to Germany he worked in a hospital ( as an alternative to service in the army) and after a nurse rejected his advances he attacked her with a knife.

He now has problems with a conviction for shoplifting in Hamburg.

The “Final Solution” is , thank God, only a (very) imperfect translation.

I found the whole site Very Vaguely Creepy, even though they’re just consultants with an odd corporate structure.