What ever happened too...(celebrity ....)

This is along the lines of " Things I winder about when I’m bored" . I know you all find this hard to believe, but when the wind starts rushing through my ears, I get the strangest thoughts and then I can’t get rid of them. I blame People Magazine.

Most of it is “whatever happened too”


Whatever happened to the guy who played Roscoe P. Coltraine?

The other half of WHAM? ( Andrew Ridgely)

The cast of the Love Boat ( besides Gopher, I know he ran for office in Iowa or something)

Rutger Hauer - the B movie actor of the late 80’s. Where have you gone?

The Dr. Pepper Guy. " I’m a pepper, your a pepper…" (wasn’t he David something?)

Mia Sara - From Ferris Buellar. First she was everywhere, now she’s off the radar.
There are other tumbleweeds stuck in my mind, but these are the ones that floated to the top… any one know anything about the above…care to contribute to your “I wonder whatever happened to…”

The guy who played

Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness.

Rutger Hauer’s still around, and still acting in B movies. Caught something he was in a few months, had “bone” in the title. He’s aging, but still a hunk to this old gal.

For a good link on whatever happened to…


James Best aka Roscoe P. Coltrane. The most recent item listed is something called “Death Mask” from 1998.

While I was there, I also checked out:
Mia Sara, who has 21 listings after Ferris Bueller, the most recent being “Hard Time” (TV movie) from 1998.
Rutger Hauer, who has 2 listings for 1999 (“Simon Magus” and “New World Disorder”) and 2 coming in 2000 (“Partners in Crime” and “The Tenth Kingdom” (TV mini-series))

If the UBB link coding doesn’t work, I’m going to scream. And no, I’m not searching for the Love Boat cast. http://www.imdb.com if you want to. :wink:

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btw, AuntiePam, you are probably referring to Bone Daddy aka Palmer’s Bones (USA video title).

Andrew Ridgley ain’t doing much. In an interview with George Michael about a year or less ago, he said that Andrew was still ‘busy’ and they hang out together a couple of times a year. Still good friends.


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James Best of numerous Twilight Zone episodes has a home (at least in the past two years) in the Columbia SC area on one of the nearby lakes.

He can sometimes be seen at Tez’s Mexican restaurant drinking margaritas.

He’s sorta semi-retired.

Again, I am totally amazed at the response to my mental blatherings.

I think James Best is second only to Jack Klugman for appearing in the most Twilight Zones. The Sci-Fi channel recently aired one of Best’s TZ’s that also featured Lee Marvin, Strother Martin and Lee Van Cleef…the same bad-ass trio from the film “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”

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Whatever happened to Amelia Earheart?

This space for rent.

Grady from Sanford and Son?

Except for Amelia, they all live at my apartment complex on Hollywood Boulevard, the Celebrity Purgatory.


I think “Grady” was on one or two episodes of “ER” last season when Eriq LaSalle got sent to the backwoods.

“Good goobligoo!”

I seem to recall the name of the Dr. Pepper guy was James Naughton. He’s been very active on Broadway, and appeared in last week’s ALLY MCBEAL in what looks to be a recurring part.

Read “Sundials” in the new issue of Aboriginal Science Fiction.

I heard on VH1 that Andrew Ridgeley is now a huge enviromental activist in Australia.

Whitman Mayo aka Grady Wilson was indeed on ER on 2/25/99 (“Middle of Nowhere”). Also shows a movie, Waterproof, in 1999.

James Naughton
David Naughton (James’ brother) was actually the Dr. Pepper guy, according to his IMDB trivia/bio