Whatever happened to...(insert actor here)?

OK, so my favourite movie of ALL TIME is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ (well actually the book is more favoured, but for the purposes of this thread…)

Whatever happened to Mary Badham, the child-actor who played Scout?

I heard she was in a couple of other things during her adolescence, but does anyone know what her eventual career/life path was?

Any other suggestions/queries?

Jaye Davidson from Stargate and The Crying Game.

Ian Petrella - Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

According to the IMDB, she retired from acting and is married to a school teacher.

Sorry, I meant Ralphie’s little brother Randy.

Baby Jane?

She grew up, moved to Africa, started hanging around with some guy who had a thing for leopard print clothes and monkeys.

Mason Reese?

Johnathan Taylor Thomas of “Home Improvement” Fame.

Corey Haim. Corey Feldmen’s done a few things and has a band, but what every happened to the other half of this dynamic duo? Last thing I saw from him was Rollerboys, and that was a while back.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was signed to star in the pilot of a Fox thing called American Soap (which I think was renamed to An American Town, but I’m not sure.)

Corey Haim had a tough year last year. In August 2001 he made the papers after he threw a Playboy model into a car door and demanded a couple grand in cash (claiming he needed it to pay for rehab). A couple of weeks later, he made the papers again after a drug overdose put him in a coma. I think he had somekind of E! Hollywood feature about him last year and played one half of a S&M couple in a movie a couple of years ago. When he gets work, IIRC it’s in bad B-movies.

Corey Feldman has been a bit better off. Had occasional guest spots on The Howard Stern Show, been goofing around with his band (you can buy his CD at CDNow). There are vague and unsubstantiated rumours of a Goonies reunion type movie, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

James Marshall, from Twin Peaks, Gladiators, and A Few Good Men

I rented Four Weddings and a Funeral a couple months ago, and then looked up the actress who played Scarlett, Hugh Grant’s fashion-challenged, red-headed platonic roommate, to see if she’s been in anything else I might have seen. She just died! Last November! Of an…asthma attack?

Also: the kid who played Roy Scheider’s older kid in Jaws, the one who gets traumatized by the shark, also recently died of a heart attack while he was on a hunting trip with some buddies. He never made any other movies.


OK…here’s one from the far distant past: Kurt Kaznar, who played Fitzhugh in the old Irwin Allen series Land of the Giants.

He was the most interesting character. What else has he done?

Crap. That totally bums me out. Probably because the character she played was so vibrant and lively, and reminded me of several people I know.

Also, she is was a few years younger than me, and I have a history of asthma.

Whatever happened to Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains?

I saw him in a couple of made for TV movies a couple years back, but nothing since.

Kirk Cameron got Left Behind.

Charlie Schlatter from 18 Again? I thought he was going to be another M.J. Fox. Or at least another Patrick Dempsey. I think he’s been taken under sinister pretense by God knows who.

Free Charlie Schlatter!

My investigation has revealed that Michael J. Fox and Charlie Schlatter collaborated on Bright Lights, Big City. Seasoned Hollywood veteran meets up-and-coming ingenue. Goes to motive.

What did you do, Michael J.? ::grabs lapels and shakes:: WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?

Matthew Labourteaux (Albert Quinn Ingalls), Jason Bateman (James Cooper Ingalls) as well as some of the other kids from Little House on the Prarie fame - other than Melissa Gilbert that is. She’s been all over Monday Night Movies of the Week for years, not to mention her recent Screen Actors Guild drama.

I’ve seen that movie. I think Michael J. snorted him.

Whatever happened to Ralph Macchio? (Of the Karate Kids series) I know he played in a movie where he was a blues player, but nothing more, any news?

And to Pat Morita, besides the New Karate Kid movie?

My favorite is David Lander, who played Squiggy on Laverne & Shirley. Though he suffers from MS, he and his wife run a Great Dane rescue center on their land out in CA. Nice guy.