Whatever happened to...(insert actor here)?

Charlie Schlatter did several seasons on Dick Van Dyke’s Diagnosis:Murder, taking over the overeager younger doctor from Scott Baio (another “Whatever Happened To…” natural).

David Lander had a role as a kidnapper on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful a couple of years ago.


Lauren Holly: I think she was on Chicago Hope when it was on its dying legs but haven’t heard much from her for the past few years. I don’t really miss her but still.

How about Yahoo Serious??

Aaaauuuuggghhh! Damn you, Smeghead!

Must… scrub… brain…

Damn, Smeghead, that was almost…cruel.

One of my odd favorites is the movie Real Genius. Val Kilmer is still making movies today, but I’ve always wondered what the hell happened to Gabriel Jarret, who played Mitch. Seemed like he had enough acting talent to keep going.

Oh, just remembered another one.

Whatever happened to Fran Drescher, and why didn’t it happen sooner?

The blues movie was Crossroads, and Ralph was in My Cousin Vinny as…Vinny’s cousin!

That was almost 10 years ago, though, and I don’t know what he has done recently.

Did you do this to Michael J. Fox, or was this something he was doing anyway?

“the Hip Nip?” Wow, it was a different world back then. Actually I had never heard of the term till I saw that Bugs Bunny cartoon a few months back. Anyway it looks like he does bit parts in movies. But a few years back he used to do commercials for First Hawaiian Bank. I always liked him.


Atreyu said:

You may regret saying that because this is what happened to her:

what happened to rufus sewell? i thought he’d get some good roles after “dark city”, but he’s been stuck in a lot of crappy films since then.

I saw Jason Bateman on Politically Incorrect within the last two weeks. I think he has a new show possibly this fall, but I missed the introductions.

Or what about Michelle Meyrink, who played GJ’s hyperactive gf in that movie. She was cute… :wink:

I’ll second that.

OK, I know he wasn’t really an actor, but I was thinking about him when NBC showed a bunch of clips of his show during their Anniversary special last night. I thought for sure he would have attended an event like that, but it seems like he fell off the face of the earth after leaving the Tonight Show.
So what’s he been doing lately?

What happened to:

Dirk Benidect?

Jan Michael Vincent?

Gavin McLeod? (Capt Stubing)

The entire cast (save Will Smith) from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Oh man, the list is almost endless…

She was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had a radical hysterectomy.

AV8R : Johnny Carson - “Permanently retired” and is taking no offers for guest spots, talk shows, cameos, or anything. Says “he is through with television” though no hard feelings…hell the guy spent 50 years on it and even I would ghost too.
Downbylaw: Rufus Sewell - Thats a matter of opinion, he played a good bad guy in “A Knights Tale”. But it not like he is not getting offers

Osiris:Pat Morita - keeping busy with character roles, voiceover work and making fun of his “Miyagi” character as said earlier. Seen him in some local commercial work for seatbelt safety. Interesting thing - He is married to Evelyn Guerrero: who was the sweet sweet Chica named Donna Cheech Maren was always trying to get with in the Cheech and Chong Movies

Smeghead: Yahoo Serious - (real name Greg Pead) Still alive though he made for the aussie hills after his production company Serious Productions ate it. Made 2 more movies you can find at Blockbuster - his last one was Mr. Accident in 2000 (which was not that bad to tell you the truth). Heard he is occasionally showing up on Aussie TV though I cannot verify that. Considered box office poison here though

KarlGrenze:Ralph Macchio - Doing work in small time films (though doing film called Popcorn Shrimp directed by Walken…so thats interesting) Toured 39 cities in the musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. I saw it…he was really good and has a singing voice(!)

widdershins:Jaye Davidson - the boi is in the fashion scene in England (works the same job he had before the two movies) and was recently in the magazine THE FACE. Still looks hauntingly the same.

James Avery (Uncle Philip) is currently working on the Showtime series Soul Food, I believe.

Karyn Parsons (Hilary) has recently worked on the cop dramedy The Job. I don’t know if she still is.