What exactly did Jessica Simpson say about tuna/chicken?

I’m getting the impression that Jessica Simpson said that she didn’t know if tuna was chicken or fish.

Then I saw a very, very brief clip where I thought she said, “I still don’t know if it’s ‘Chicken of the sea,’ or ‘on the sea,’…” or something to that effect. That sounds like someone who doesn’t isn’t sure about a brand name’s catch phrase. Who can blame her?

But the clip went by very quickly and was very short. What exactly did she say?

I’m not sure of the exact syntax, but she basically asked “is this chicken or tuna?” to which Nick replied “tuna” and then she asked “is tuna chicken?” and Nick was dumbfounded. She asked “why tuna was called the chicken of the sea if it isnt chicken” or something to that effect.

IMDB lists one of the relevant lines thusly: “Is this chicken or is this fish? I know it’s tuna. But it says chicken. By the sea.”
Sounds to me she knows what tuna is (or did, before the tin can blew her mind), but doesn’t understand why StarKist would call it “chicken of the sea”.

From ABC News:

More evidence of her genius here.

Finally, Chicken of the Sea was recently visited by the sexiest PR it’s had in years.

I just watched this last weekend. It’s actually the very first thing she says in the series, about 1 minute into the first episode.

IMBD (Maybe the “M” should stand for “Media” not “Movie”):

We had a friend of the family who used her boobs to shuffle cards.

Yeah. Come to think of it…

My “evidence of genius” link is basically the same as pesea’s, but mine has shots of cleavage.:wink:

Did anyone see the episode when Nick sprayed poison over a wasp nest in the garden? When they were all dead he must have forgotten he’d poisoned it and he tasted it cos he “thought it would taste sweet”…

They’re both as thick as each other imho.