What exactly is banking experience?

So I’ve just been turned down because I lack banking experience. Okay, I haven’t been in the banking industry, but the job was for a technical (IT), not banking role, and demanded no knowledge of specialist banking software. So what is ‘banking experience’? I’d like to know so I can explicitly mention appropriate substitutes.

Depending on the position, they may want someone with experience working with financial or payment systems. There are increased/different security standards and protocols that go along with banking. Experience with something like PCI-DSS would be preferred over someone with experience in another IT sector.

I’m guessing they wanted someone with a thorough understanding of the banking system itself. (Not banking “systems” in the IT sense) How lending works, and how deposits work, and the Fed, and all that.

Also what **XJETGIRLX **said, about PCI, etc. There are a lot of regulatory things in banking that at different from other industries, and understanding those makes handling the systems a lot easier.

They were probably looking for someone who’s at least reasonably conversant with banking systems and concepts like ACH and Check21, as well as regulatory environments like GLBA, SOX and BASEL. And more importantly, knowing the significance of these laws, how to abide by them and what can happen if they’re not followed.

What sort of credentials do you have? More and more, we’re looking for people with letters after their name for all but the most basic helpdesk positions. Something like an A+ or MCSE at lower levels, perhaps a CCNA or RHCE for infrastructure support, Oracle and DB2 are always in demand, and at the upper levels, we have quite a few CISSPs and CISAs.

My daughter is a banker and I know that she has to have and maintain a lot of different licenses and certifications.