What exactly is required for a PHd in (Christian) Theology

Because, to be quite honest, there is not much in the bible that is too complicated, most of it can be understood by a 10th grader very easily, certainly all of it could be understood (understand, not agree) by your average college freshman.

What are you Pitting exactly?

First, you have to be smart enough to use Google.
Let me help you over that first hurdle.
Next, you click on a link to a particular college or university and see what the requirements are. If you don’t think you can handle that, just give a yell and somebody will be along shortly to give you a hand.


ok, the bible is such a ridiculously simple, juvenile book, like, a comic book or maybe a Zane Grey novel, that the idea of getting a PHd in it is a bit silly.

Did you bother to look at the link I provided?

Did you bother to try and understand what I am actually saying? What concept(s) in the bible are so complicated that it takes 3 years of graduate school and then 2 years of a PHd to understand?

Well, for one, there’s probably about a hundred PhD’s worth of study solely on how theology itself has changed in the last 2,000 years.

And hey I’ll admit…I think it would be cool to refer to myself in the third person as “The Reverend Doctor”.

The Reverend Doctor thinks you’re being a little bit simple about this.

Yes, as well as study of greek and arameic and hebrew and ancient history right? so how much of it is on the actual bible and the actual bible concepts itself I wonder and how much is expository?

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Read the link, then read the Old Testament. Then come back…

(humbled, we would hope, but then we’re optimistic).

I’m not sure why you feel like trolling on this subject. Being anti-religious on this board is preaching to the choir, if you’ll pardon the expression.

I’m sure you already know this and are just trying to be edgy but I’ll bite. A PhD in Christian Theology is not just about reading one book. There are 2,000 years of theological discussions and writings on the subject. It has shaped the world we live in for good and bad. If you think that all such pursuits such as philosophy are unworthy of academic study then fine, you are entitled to your wrong opinion. But if its just because you have a hard on for one particular religion, its getting tiresome.

I’m not sure what business it is of yours what and why I post anything in the BBQpit.

In my quest for finding the stupidest thing on the internet each day, your statement is a contender.

Well, there’s a lot of thought and study that goes into analyzing all sorts of mythology. And when you take into account the current subset of mythology we call theology, that stuff has been ingrained into our culture deeply. So on top of the general study of myth, you also have the study of how the myths affect our culture, and how our culture affects the myths.

The way to solve that would be to not post.

Perhaps it escaped your notice, but the BBQ Pit, like the rest of the board, is a public forum. And your question is really fucking stupid.

I’m proud to be a part of that in some small way.

A PhD in Theology, or a ThD (Doctorate of Theology), is not a degree in reading the Bible.

Yet, referring to the Bible as “a ridiculously simple, juvenile book, like, a comic book or maybe a Zane Grey novel” makes you look incredibly ignorant or intentionally inflammatory.

The degree involves the study of anthropology, sociology, history (ancient and modern), textual criticism, and ancient languages before you even get into the religious application of theology, hermeneutics, ecclesiology, soteriology, eschatology and a whole list of other focused specialties.

My circle of friends includes a number of PhDs in Theology, ThDs, MDivs and other academic degrees conferred by institutions such as Vanderbilt, Princeton and Duke as well as lesser-known seminaries. Why do you think those schools would put their name on a diploma for someone studying a “simple” book for three years?

Also, why do you specific (Christian) in the thread title? A theological degree in other religions is fine but for some special reason Christianity is juvenile?

In summary: You’re an idiot.

Ah, sage comments about another book you have not read. Does anyone detect a trend here?

yeah, that was the impression I would of had as well. except that my step mom went to Emory and she gave me her laptop and i read through her papers, and Jesus Christ, most of them were so so simple, like barely one step above what her sermons are like today. none of the PHd theology people i met at the bible college i attended for two years (i took general ed it was the only school nearby) none of those people seemed like the brightest people or the most articulate thinkers. nice people. well versed in the bible. well versed theology past and present. but none of them had the piercing intellect of a really good history professor or literature professor.

Perhaps we should all close our eyes when reading your threads, so you can just go about your business alone?