What exactly is that reverb noise you hear during televised baseball games?

It only happens once in a while, and usually right after a pitch is thrown. What IS that?

Can you provide a more detailed description of this “reverb noise?” Are you talking about the PA announcements in the stadium that get picked up by the TV mics?

They put microphones in the bases, so sometimes you hear the runner go back. That noise?

Yeah, good question. I remember watching the Series several years ago on TV and being really irritated by it. It was as if they were trying to give extra sound to the ball when it was pitched, or caught by the catcher, so as to make the viewing experience more exciting?? I don’t watch TV much anymore, so am no longer irritated.

You may also be hearing a lot of the noises that Fox uses with its graphics.

Yeah, Fox has been using a reverb sound whenever they put the score overlay at the top of the screen or when they take it away.

If they show a replay of a pitch they sometimes play it when they go back to the live feed.

It sounds vaguely familiar…like opening a door in DOOM or something.

I have heard that annoying sound as well. It is very familiar to me as well. It sounds a lot like the “Maximize Window” sound of a windows 98 sound scheme that came with my old computer(or was it the “error sound”?). Anyway, as others have already said, they put it on to alert you to a new graphic.