What feast will you be preparing this Easter Sunday?

Just curious as to what you dopers will be crafting in the kitchen for family this sunday :slight_smile:

I’m making a honey roasted leg of lamb (marinating right now in the fridge in some red wine, garlic and lemon zest. With roasted red potatoes in a cheesey cream sauce. For dessert, I’ll be serving cinnamon buns. I can’t wait!

Pan-fried ground beast, simmered in chicken gravy, served on steamed white rice with sides of microwaved broccoli and pastel colored hard-boiled eggs along with rice pudding for dessert.

Sparkling grape juice and water to wash it all down

We may even break out the china, linens and crystal.

Turkey was on sale a few weeks back, so I am making butterflied turkey with onion stuffing, wilted spnach salad, and pierogie. We are having the traditional Red Dip (don’t ask) for appetizers, and my mother-in-law is bringing one of her pies for dessert. The pies are usually ghastly - flat and tasteless, but she is such a sweet lady that I can’t bear to tell her. So I got some raspberry swirl ice cream to put on it, and I have a couple of bottles of Pinot Grigio cooling, and after a couple of glasses of that, no one will care about the fact that the pies are less than half an inch thick.


Captain Crunch, marshmellowed eggs, and chocolate rabbits for me :wink:

Starguard, precisely what my 4 year old has planned!

The rest of us will be sitting down to roast loin of pork filled with sausage and corn stuffing, asparagus with hollandaise and flan for dessert. Pass the wine.

Kinthalis, we’ve been raising sheep and selling lambs at the Easter market for 7 years now, and still can’t bring ourselves to eat one ourselves. Perhaps next year we’ll finally sit down to a little lamb.


Barbecue. Same as every year. This time, it’s chicken breasts, salmon steaks, and jalapeno sausage.

And, of course, graham crackers, mini Cadbury eggs, and peeps, for Easter S’mores…

Turkey that is thawing in the fridge right now. Homemade stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, brown and serve buns for dinner. For desert I am making apple crisp and my brother is bringing the most heavenly French silk pie.

My mother is making a turkey, which my grandmother claims is the size of a compact car. (I anticipate hauling home much leftovers.) She’s also making a blackberry pie out of the frozen berries she picked last year, and “lumpy potatoes” which were my specific request. (I like my mashed potatoes to have some lumps left in them-- they don’t feel truly “home made” unless they have them.)

This is probably the last holiday gathering we will have in my mother’s house. I’m buying a new house which can accomodate a large number of guests, so, as she puts it, she is “passing the baton” to me. So, we need to make it somewhat memorable.

We don’t celebrate Easter, but the lamb on sale at the supermarket was too cheap to resist. I got a 5 lb roast, put half in the freezer, and there’s lamb and lentil stew in the crockpot for dinner this evening.

Picnic ham, potato salad, green bean casserole, brown-n-serve rolls, and my birthday cake for dessert. :slight_smile:

Happy B-day Susie

I’m having Italian.

Yup, I part-time bartend at an Italian restaurant and the owners decided to stay open for Easter (my day).
Not that I’m bitter.

I’ll probably go out for a big breakfast: cheese omlet, fries, bagel, and coffee.

I’m going to follow Master Wang-Ka Easter s’mores recipe with my own twist: peeps, cinnamon grahams and chocolate carmel eggs. Cause I love all three.

Mom and I don’t really do the Easter dinner thing She thinks Christ suffered and died so she could eat Peeps and chocolate bunnies morning, noon and night for three weeks out of the year. She’ll be hitting those sale racks bright and early Monday.

I’m cooking up a mess of red beans and rice (brown rice, being somewhat health conscious) for the church pot-luck dinner. Easter liturgy- the big one on Holy Saturday night- is about four hours long, and we’re all pretty hungry when it’s all over. Anthony, who is a chef at the Orleans, will be making lamb stew, so my red beans and rice are in for some stiff competition.

We’re having all sorts of brunchy type things, buffet style. I’m in charge of the veg, which will be steamed jumbo asparagus, wrapped in bundles of 3 with a slice of prosciutto, and put under the broiler with a bit of machengo cheese.

I’m don’t know, but I’m sure it’ll have something to do with matzoh.

ROFL - :smiley: :smiley:

Lamb chump steaks marinated with rosemary and grilled, probably with grilled or roasted vegetables (I’m thinking butternut squash and zucchini) and either roast potatoes or potatoes au gratin. Bottle o’Shiraz.

Sounds tasty… but do they make the caramel eggs in a miniature size? 'Cause otherwise, it’s gonna get messy.

This year, we learned that the purple bunny Peeps are definitely the ones to use. They’re smaller and flatter than the yellow chick Peeps, and have less of a tendency to ooze out in all directions when squeezed between two graham crackers…

Other discoveries include that while miniature Cadbury eggs are excellent, miniature Hershey bars work just fine, whereas little Dove eggs add a remarkably different texture to the finished S’more…

Oh, yeah, and the sausages toasted up nice, too. :smiley:

Lechon (roasted pork)
Baked Ham
Rice & gondules (pigeon peas in english)
Homemade pototoe salad
green banana salad w/ onions & olives
Tomato & avocado salad
Cheese cakes (regular & chocolate)
and probably some drinks :stuck_out_tongue: