What fictional lawyer do you want to represent you?

If I ever kill someone (ahem, sorry, “allegedly” kill someone)

I want Eugene from “the practice”


Would anyone take Tom Cruise from “a few good men?”

Give me Perry Mason… there can be only one.

Lionel Hutz - if he wins the case, I get a smoking monkey toy!

Jackie Chiles

What?! No one votes for ATTICUS FINCH?

This is the justice system. I’ll take someone from Wolfram and Hart. They get results.

Leonard “J.” Crabs

that would be outrageous. Egregious. Preposterous.

Monday’s Cafe Society thread of the same subject:

And by “Monday” I of course mean “Friday”.

Perry Mason always seemed to find somebody else who did it and got them to confess. I’d have to go with Perry. Unless they’re naked. Then JAG’s Catherine Bell.

Keenu Reeves from the devil’s advocate. Nothing like having the son of satan on your side to get you off the hook.

Johnathan Wilk, Orson Welles’ character from the amazingly excellent 1959 film Compulsion. Best closing arguments I’ve ever seen on film.

Don’t take Perry Mason; he always won because his clients were always innocent.

Me, I’ll take Daniel Webster. The fictional one, not the real one. Beat the best lawyer of all time with the jury stacked against him.

And now I can’t rule out that maybe I saw it in passing and that’s where I got the idea.:smack:

Edited down from the eleven-hour version in the “original script,” they still rock. :smiley:

My cousin Vinny

Ben Matlock.

Rumpole of the Bailey, who else? :slight_smile: