What flavor is "Irish Cream"?

We really didn’t get there in this thread, so I thought Id try again with a simpler question: What is the “flavor” we call “Irish Cream”?

If I were trying to create that favor artificially, what notes would I need to use?

Well, I looked through the thread and I didn’t see any mention of what real “Irish Cream” is, which is whiskey and cream, with maybe a bit of extra sweetness added. So the notes to go for would be the notes in whiskey: vanilla, caramel, and, if you want to get fancy, some smoke or wood tones.

I’ve always thought that Irish Cream or Irish Creme is supposed to evoke Baileys Irish Cream. Their website describes their Original Flavor as “THE PERFECT MARRIAGE OF FRESH, PREMIUM IRISH DAIRY CREAM, THE FINEST SPIRITS, AGED IRISH WHISKEY AND A UNIQUE CHOCOLATE BLEND.” I don’t know what they’re calling “finest spirits,” or any ideas what the proportions should be, but it seems like a place to start experimenting for anyone who wants to create their own version.

It’s whiskey & cream along with a combo of coffee, chocolate, condensed milk and vanilla.


Who cares? Serve it up! What’s a fella gotta do to get a drink around here? :smiley:


Ah, c’mere, lassie, an’ I’ll show ye…