What flavor is Red Bull?

Monster tastes to me what I imagine anti-freeze to taste like. I’m not curious enough or insured enough to find out.

Red Bull is impossible to describe to people. So yeah, I don’t think its taste has a precedent.

Red Bull tastes like Satan.

I’ve only had it with vodka though. But I don’t think vodka tastes like Satan so it’s gotta be the Red Bull.

SweeTarts and ass.

It’s also good with Jaegermeister. Pour half a can of Red Bull in a glass, drop a shot glass filled with Jager in the red bull, slam it down. It’s basically like a boilermaker but subbing out the beer and whiskey for red bull and Jager. They call it a Jager bomb and they are quite tasty.

Apple plus copper.

I know that as a ‘depth charge’ - normally a pint of beer and a liqueur glass

  • a very effective way of falling over

You’re right. It’s a boilermaker if you are drinking the beer at a normal pace and a depth charge if you’re shooting it.

I’ll say 10 hail Jack Daniels as penance. (or drink a couple instead, I’ll decide later) :wink:

I’ve never had an energy drink. Nor have I ever had a reason to enter into a Starbucks. I know the two are not related. I just feel good knowing my drummer uses a different songbook.


I wish I could oblige. But the fact is it tastes like piss mixed with sugar. Or what I imagine such a mixture would taste like, at any rate.

Gotta ask: how do you know? :eek:

You know what that tastes like?

Antifreeze is very sweet. It’s actually not half bad, which is why you shouldn’t leave it open around kids or pets–they WILL drink it. And, yes, I’m a curious fellow, why do you ask?

At the risk of hjacking - any one know what colour bulls urine actually is?
The reason for me asking is threefold.

  1. Someone told me a wild arse story that in the country I was in (Azerbaijan) during watermelon season they would inject bull piss into the water melons to make them redder to appear riper than they actually were.

  2. One of our employees father was Zarathustrian, of some indian heritage. Oddly Baku was also a hotbed of fire worshiping activity, but that had nothing to do with him being there. However he did say during our discussion of bull pee inflated watermelons, that the coming of age ceromony for Zarathustrians involved drinking bulls piss. Due to falling membership and no doubt some USDA meddling, they switched to pomegranate juice, which is red.

  3. Red bull, well its got bull in the name and I would rather drink piss.

Now there are a whole metric shitload of bulls, heifers cows and whathaveyou around here, and I suppose I could go and watch one taking a leak, but frankly, I know I wouldn’t like someone to be watching me whilst I was taking a piss, so I won’t inflict that on a bovine.*

So what colour is bull urine?

  • Now I think of it I wouldn’t like to have a restrained bolt gun to my head, be choped up and then served up on a hot parrilla, but I would happily do that to a cow, so scratch that reasoning, I just don’t want to stand by a field looking at a bull.

That’s the beauty of it - it doesn’t really taste like anything.

Liquid smarties.


The one time I ever tried it, I thought it tasted sort of like lemonade, but not as sweet. A bit of carbonation, a bit of caffiene…in other word, it’s an overpriced version of Mountain Dew.

A bit of a tangent- I saw a news report on a new energy drink that had a disclaimer not to drink a full bottle the first time, but sure enough, some people were, and complaining of their heart rate jumping…anyone familiar with this? I can’t remember the brand name.

Two people ask how someone knows what “ass” tastes like…
…but no one bats an eye at “rancid goat semen”???