What flavor is Red Bull?

Hey, we’ve all been initiated before. It’s part of the Dope Experience.

Per the OP: Piss and Vinegar.

Well everybody’s got an ass but rancid goat semen is rare and therefore sought out by connoisseur and nobody wants to look like some backwater hick that does not know the taste of some fine aged goat semen.

Red Line.

he didn’t say fine aged goat semen though, he’s talking more the Franzia of goat semen, not the Fine Aged version.
As to ass, I have one thing to say
True Story conversation between myself and three friends

1: Man this tastes like ass!
everybody else: How do you know?
Me: So… has anybody ever actually like, tossed somebody’s salad?
One Guy: well yeah
Everybody: What did it taste like
Guy: I dunno, it tasted normal
so there you have it, ass tastes… normal

we never got him to describe “normal” in terms of ass taste though.

Yellowish, like most other urine. I base this pronouncement on having seen lots of bovines having a pee in the street when I lived in India. It’s confirmed by this site’s description of Winsor Newton brand “Indian Yellow” oil paint:

(:confused: How can you kids these days have all that oral sex and not acquire at least some idea of what the human ass tastes like? What are you doing, using a straw? Or a hygienic adult diaper with a carefully cut two-inch-square hole in it or something?)

Speaking as a semi-kid, I want to know who these kids are, because I’m jealous :mad:

I geuss the tasting like as really needs a qualifyer. Tasting like ass could just be, meh nothing bad. It would not be a highly improbable thing for someone to know what sweaty ass tasted like. If you know what dingleberry encrusted ass tastes like, well frankly you need to pick your dates a little more carefully or carry a head torch.

PS thanks for the info on the bulls urine, just one of those things that has been bugging me but could not be bothered to search.

I actually like the taste. Not sure what that says about me based on the responses in this thread. I would describe it as: pixy stix mixed with almost flat club soda.

Oh good. Now we just need to figure out what Red Bull tastes like. I wouldn’t ask you to sample that, too–there’s oly so much one man should endure.

It tastes like dancing, lights, glitter and pounding bass to me. YMMV

Hmm? Oh, yes… Sorry for the lack of clarity. My post, of course, was referring to rancid goat semen.

I love the taste of Red Bull as well. If they made a caffeine free version, I’d drink it all day. Not that I have anything against caffeine, but it probably wouldn’t be healthy to drink 15 Red Bulls a day.

comedy gold right here.

and FTR I actually kinda like the taste of Red Bull, regardless of the taste of ass (or rancid goat semen)

And Satan has a

problem solved :stuck_out_tongue:

The taste of Red Bull reminds me very strongly of a child’s medicine I remember having in the eighties - perhaps Amoxyl/Amoxil? That was very yellow too, and had the awful flavour of something trying to mask the medicine taste for kids’ consumption. Uncanny to me.

I found it unbelievably sour, like I was drinking pure lemon juice, but without the lemon taste. It was also sickeningly sweet.

I don’t think it was ever meant to replicate or evoke a taste found in nature. It was meant to taste unique, which it certainly does.


I’ve scoured the thread, avidly reading each successive post with mounting excitement, the thrill of realization building within me.

Because, finally, we have discovered something that doesn’t taste like chicken.

In the grand story of exploration and human discovery, in the long, long quest for ultimate illumination, we can now, at long last, say it’s all downhill from here.

What color is it? (Red Bull that is, I don’t want to know the color of ass, bull urine, or rancid goat semen). I always figured it would be…red.

My wife says it smells like cherry cough medicine.

It’s yellow. And supposedly it glows under a blacklight.