What foods are high in vitamin E?

What are the nicest foods to eat to make sure you get enough vitamin E?

Nuts are one of the best sources. I believe shrimp is also pretty high.

The Canadian ministry of health says sources of vitamin E include:


cool, i’ve been eating lots of cashew nuts recently :slight_smile:

I once read (forgot where) that carrots are a good source provided they are not washed too aggressively - the vitamin E is in the skin and can easily be removed.

Peanuts and sesame seeds.

Check this site out:


Here’s the top 50 suggestions for foods high in Vitamin E:

(numbers indicate rank/50)

Go to the site, tho. You can choose foods highest in vitamin E and highest in other categories and lowest in other categories (IE “what’s high in E and K and low in fat?”)