What foods can/should you add Jalapeño slices to

I wanted to make cornbread with Jalapeño slices and shredded cheese added to the recipe. it came out good, but now I have a mostly full jar of Sliced jalapeños and it’s my understanding that they go bad in a month or two after opening.

I can add them as hot dog toppings or nacho toppings, I can make more cornbread, but what are some other easy ways to use them up?

They can give you the heat in any pasta sauce, stew or casserole instead of chili flakes or paste.

I put them in egg dishes. Also in fajitas and quesadillas. We buy a big jar of pickled jalapenos and they don’t go bad.

Tacos, scrambled eggs, quesadillas, hamburgers, baked potatoes, salads, home frys, and left over turkey sandwich.

Just a couple off the top of my head. We go through a jar or two per month.

Chopped up in tuna salad.

I’m assuming store-bought pickled jalapenos, rather than in water or a home pickled variety of course.

As a long time southern NM resident, I don’t consider them hot, so I’m normally looking at either the color, the crunch, or the acidic bite when it comes to a pickled jalapeno. So, pretty much, anything I’d use a pickle or a pickle brine in. Pulled pork (both during cooking, brining the pork, AND topping), faux Chick-fil-A chicken breasts (brine for the brining, jalapanos for topping), as a side when making Nashville style fried chicken, or flat out fried slices such as fried pickles.

Rarely, I use them as the base of an appetizer - Triscuit, small piece of smoked cheddar, jalapeno slice on top. Smokey, sour, salty all in one bite.

But again, I spent 12 years living in southern NM as a child, so I’m more likely to use fresh jalapenos for most things, and if needing to store excess from the garden, I generally make salsa and freeze it.

Fish tacos. Mix mayo with a little of the brine to dress the tacos, too.

I’d put them in burritos, quesadillas, or tacos.


I puree my jalapeños and add them to mac & cheese.

Cream cheese/neufchatel.


Is there anything they don’t go well with?

My bias is showing. I used to have a Mexican girlfriend, and no meal was complete without them. Like ketchup on American tables.


Pizza hasn’t been mentioned. Peperoni, onion, green olive and halapeno is my go to za.
Also, on a Hawaiian pizza. Called a volcano at one place I go to.

I was going to put them in my Jambalaya, but I’m taking it to a dinner where the host is one of those people who thinks that an unsalted boiled potato is almost too spicy.

Do you add them before or after baking the pizza?

Before or after? I guess you could do it either way, but I add them before, so they get embedded in the cheese like most other toppings. You might chop or dice them first if your mouth can’t handle a bigger dose at once.

Pho restaurants include jalapeno slices in the add-ins (along with bean sprouts, onions etc.) - though those are typically fresh, I suspect pickled slices would be good as well.

Generally before. If I’m doing a frozen pizza, I’ll get a peperoni, add onions and jalapenos and maybe olives to it and then pop it in the oven.

they get chucked in allsorts in our house. I do like them chopped up in salads.
As for going off, I’ve never had a problem. If they are in the fridge and covered with the brine they never seem to go off.

I can’t believe it took so long for the pizza suggestion! I agree with all of the suggestions above, and here’s one more:

Chop them up and sprinkle them on your pig candy.