What fresh Hell is this? [embedded ads]

Allsudden the Sanford & Son theme is going through my head like a mofo.

He may claim he was saying “Demon” but the script and what came out of his mouth are two different things. I think Ian is a Secret Asian Man.

And wind beneath them?

It clearly has wings, but can it fly?

The really annoying ads are the pseudo-links in text that cause a little popup. Often they’re double-underlined or have some other non-standard appearance. And the ads they pop up have nothing to do with the subject of the text; you can tell they just did a simplistic word search.

A simulated example, in text discussing, say, economic prospects for General Motors: “…and profit*^Limitless Internet Profits! Click here!* forecasts for General Motors*^Bob Dobbs Cadillac Hummer Chev Olds! Best Deals in Town!* were reduced*^Lose Weight Now! Click here to find out how!* upon news of the recent labour negotiations…”

I vote this post for the win.

Oh, Thank God. I didn’t realize that I was not logged in and was getting furious!

I am better now…

I had to log out to see this. That is a really ham-fisted way to squeeze a few more pennies out of this board. Not very welcoming to guests; someone needs a tutorial in design.

Except now I thought I was going to see embedded ads in the thread and there aren’t any.

Bloody mods.

What if it’s on a treadmill?