What fresh Hell is this? [embedded ads]

Banner ads (top of page)?
No problem really, I can just ignore them.

Adds at the bottom of the page?
Same really – no big complaint here.


I’ve never really complained at all about slow servers, banners, moderating or anything else up to this point because I honestly believe this place is well worth the entrance fee.

But Fuck All if this isn’t just obnoxious – this is a new low.

Am I the only one just seeing this?

I saw one earlier today. But I also realized it was while I wasn’t logged in. Don’t know if that was significant or not.

I don’t see them.

Got a link?

I just logged out and yeah, they’re there. But not when I’m logged in.

Yes, I have not seen one.

Well it appears I must (somewhat) retract my earlier statement.
The embedded ads do not appear to show up if you’re logged in.

I still think it’s obnoxious though.

Carry on.

I felt your original rage (I can now, since I finally paid up) so don’t feel bad.

That’s kind of the point - I reckon that they’re supposed to encourage people to pay to join as Members (for now).

Seriously, how the hell is it “obnoxious” if you never see them?

Plus, with AdBlocker from Firefox, it’s barely noticeable. Just an extra blank gray area between posts.

I’ve never seen one. I also stay logged in all the time.

Hey, if this is the way to allowing free posting again and breathing new life into this place then let 'em rip for those who don’t pony up. It’s rather common on other forums like SA to have ads covering every free square inch of open screen space if you’re not logged in or paid up. Such is life these days on the net. Try to see the positive aspects of what this could bring.

All bets are off though if it hits everyone and I can’t keep paying to not see them.

It’s a Balrog. A demond of the ancient world. His power is beyond any of you.

The word of the Man http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=446080 No adds for subscribers. Can’t know unless you are logged in.

The ancient world isn’t demanding shite from me!

You … shall not … pass my filter!
–Adblock the Grey

What? Banner ads? I can’t believe this hasn’t caused a huge outroar! Where’s the multiple pittings? The threats to boycott? The moral outrage?!?!

Guess the community here is far, far too sensible to overreact to something like banner ads!


Man, I pay to post at this place and the freeloaders get to see more stuff than me? It’s just not fair.

I changed the thread title to be more descriptive.

Does it have wings?